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Aug 13, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

you matter

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This is it.

You matter.


Not what your parents want, what your friends say, what you imagined in movies or read online, not some silly standards or some societal pressure… YOU matter.

Organize your life so that you matter most.

That’s the fast feng shui that really makes a difference.

If feng shui is all about designing spaces to optimize your life, the key feature in all of this is that your life is important.

Ask yourself:  ” Am I treating my life like I matter?” 

I read a 10-page letter that my mother wrote to my father from white collar prison in 1982. It was a tour de force letter, the contents mainly intented for the memoir I’m writing of my childhood, but the gist of it was that his drive to accumulate things overtook everything that mattered in his life.  It started slowly, then it went like a tidal wave of accumulating women, homes, money, so many cars, deals, and more shady people than you can shake a stick at.  He didn’t matter at all. He became a victim of his own greed, anger and stupidity.

That’s what it’s called in Buddhism: the three poisons of greed, anger and stupidity.

These three things can be so seductive that they drive us to do things that actually take us away from what matters most: our sense of our true selves and our connection to all of humanity.  Real love. Compassion.

So, if you are overcome with obligations, overwhelmed with stuff that you accumulate because you should even though it hurts your spirit or find yourself mad at the world, you can start to unravel that mess by making you matter most.

Not in an egomanical way.

Not even in a selfish way.

You matter most in a human way.

Look around your house.

Can you see evidence of things you are proud of on display? 

This is one very important way to enhance your sense of self, showcasing what makes you proud and reminds you of who you are at your core.  I’m not talking about trophies or press announcements, I am talking about a very personal sense of achievement and connection to self devoid of attachment to work.  The first thing you ever wrote.  Your most creative childhood toys. A humaintarian project.  Photos from a day that you made an artistic breakthrough… your favorite apron. The socks you knit yourself.

Integrate these things into your space and it will make you stronger in your sense of your true self.

Now, to go a step further: Can you see that you matter in the choices you make in your life?

Take some time to look at where your time goes.

If you are hiding behind a sense of greed or a need to have things because other people have them, ask yourself if this feels right.  If you are skipping important events in your life (friend’s birthdays, holidays, taking vacations, seeing family)  because you are consumed by other things- addictive behaviors, excessive striving, impossibly steep self-imposed deadlines- you may want to ask yourself why these things matter more to you than you matter to you.

Chances are you can  “have it all” and still feel great about yourself.

Connect, re-focus your space and re-establish a life that makes it so that you matter most… and then you will always have immense amounts to give to the world.

xoxo Dana



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