You Know People By What They Do, Not What They Say!

Oct 1, 2014 | Uncategorized

actions matter more than words

Talk is awesome. I don’t find it cheap, meaningless or anything but lovely. If it is genuine.

My friend called me.  She met a man who told her that he was sure that his dead father brought her to him to fulfill his life.  He would look into her eyes and explain how he’s been waiting forever to find her. He showed her the plans for the house he was building “for them.”  He had a big vision he would talk about endlessly.  Then he seemed distant.  So one day, about five months into their romance, she asked him if anything was wrong.  The relationship was effectively over.  So much for the future visions and divine intervention!

Talk is very easy.  Real life is not just words… it is following through on those words.

Would you be cool with someone judging your character by your actions?

If not, you know exactly where to focus your energy to change your life!

xoxo Dana


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