​Fresh Design That Brings the Power of Nature to Your Lifestyle

May 23, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

modular living planter

Nature has incredible healing powers.

Immerse yourself in a forest or a beach and studies have found that the levels of stress hormones in your body significantly decrease. You are more likely to sleep deeper. Your whole demeanor softens.

The Earth itself has a “heartbeat” of sorts, 7.8hz as it’s been measured, and that frequency, the Schumann resonance, is thought to be the natural rhythm that keeps our mind, our body and all of the life on the planet, in healthy synch. Everything from WiFi and cell phones to the frequencies of music and manmade magnetic fields have pulled the modern world further from this natural rhythm.

seashell motif kitchen

Today we’ll explore some innovative ways to bring nature back to your life at home, every day…. and you can find the article-  along with innovating new products like charcoal bags that purify the air and Modular Living planters (pictured above)  that look like art- right HERE on Inspired Home!  

xoxo Dana


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