5 Huge Reasons We All Need To Live In Homes With High Vibe Energy

Feb 2, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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The energy of a space mirrors your own energy.

That energy is something we experience as vibrations or waves. Even color itself is a bunch of waves bouncing off of objects toward you.

These waves translate into emotions.

These emotions influence your life.

An environment with really great vibes isn’t just enchanted to look at… it’s magnetic and thrilling, life-altering and expansive, abundant and radiant!

One thing I can tell you for sure is that you stand to benefit immensely from more high vibes everywhere around you in your home. Plus it’s super gorgeous and fun to create that super-high-vibe energy everywhere around you.

You can raise your home vibes in so many ways- from color to light to crystals to space clearing to art to music to love and more- and each has it’s own impact. I’ve helped thousands of people directly to raise their home vibes since I started on the high-vibe Feng Shui home journey about a decade ago. Every single time, one or all of five things happen.

More happiness appears effortlessly. When there’s more high-vibration energy, there’s more happiness. Simple. Everywhere you look your life will reflect happiness.

Lives get revitalized. The pace of life becomes more in sync with Nature. No one sprints through a marathon, so why do we all sprint through days. Catherine Ponder, in her classic book The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity, warns against the harmful effects of rushing through things. When you have a more spacious and feel-good life, you are in synch and you won’t rush… you’ll flow.

Creativity is constant. You’ll soar with creative energy when your whole home inspires you. In fact, the only way I’ve consistently been able to beat creative blocks is by raising the vibration of life around me.

You’ll be more prosperous. When you are flooding your life with high-vibration emotions, you open the floodgates to abundance. Let’s be clear: I don’t think the action of burning sage brings you money, but I do think that the action of burning sage brings you to a state of mind that’s super-receptive to money. Negativity chases away abundance.

You’ll enhance your wellbeing. Cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton explores at length the powerful ways that environment affects our bodies.  Epigenetics. Essentially, your environment shapes your genetic expression. The higher the vibes of your environment, the more sparks of great vibes are expressed.

Want to raise your home vibes now?

Clean your house, even in the most basic way.

That’s an instant space-shifter.

Next-level it by cleaning at least one thing- from your bedding at a dry cleaner to your vents or house gutters- and clean it. Pick one thing that never gets cleaned. This will make a huge difference.

You’ve already created so much space by doing this it’s amazing the shift you’ll feel.

xoxo Dana

P.S.: If you want to really immerse yourself in the light of joy so much more, my favorite Feng Shui and cutting-edge energy-shifting tools that I use almost every day are HERE for you in the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox! 



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