Art Joy! Dynamic Paintings Add Energy and Flow To Your Life

Dec 2, 2011 | Life With Art

Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal

Swirling paint, vivid colors, light streaming from within the canvas: this is art joy!!! Art that has viscosity in its texture and fluid motion in its construction blows my mind!  Kristine Moran, Theo Altenberg and Yago Hortal create paintings that evoke motion and give their viewer tremendous energy.  Can you feel it!? Check these artists works for inspiration on how to use art to brighten the dark areas of your home or office.

Yago Hortal

If you were to add an artwork like this to your struggling office-space, there it would come alive!  Thats the magic of powerful art with vivid color and dynamic: its an addition of yang (loud) energy that you can not achieve in any other way with such rarified  glamour. I’m a super-fan of the way Yago Hortal makes his giant brushstrokes full of a kaleidoscope of color unfurling in ribbons before your eyes.

Kristine Moran

Kristine Moran achieves a super swirling affect, telling even more of a story with her canvas in a more deliberately narrative fashion.  That tale she paints only adds to her hypnotically lyrical color profusion.

Kristine Moran’s “Consummated”, 2009

Theo Altenberg is the seeming anarchist of today’s handful of painters.  His paint seems less in strokes and more in self-propelled surges of color and light.  Sit quietly and look at his work and see if you can feel a convergence of emotions that mimics the paint cataclysm on canvas.

Theo Altenberg

And one more for good measure, since I’m just giddy posting these images…!

Theo Altenberg 

xoxo Dana


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