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Dec 7, 2011 | Home Style

A hyper-textured bulletin board to brighten up a creative office. (Kishani Perera design, photo by Jean Randazzo)

Interior designer Kishani Perera has a genius eye for detail, incredibly versatile design aesthetics and a vibrant color pallette in her gorgeous repertoire of design work.  Collaborating with the exacting interior photographer Jean Randazzo on many of her project shoots, Perera has a knack for styling her spaces for the camera.  These images are loaded with ideas to shake up your own space.

As you can see above, layering  textures is one fabulous and personal design technique that will add richness and personality to your home.  Both are very important for your personal feng shui, connecting you to your home and engaging your senses. A small note on this: there is a fine line between layering textures and total cluttered mess.  As a rule of thumb, if the room starts to feel unapproachable or “stuck” you have crossed the line!

Check out how color is layered to create depth, and how perfectly those bright flowers punctuate the room! (Kishani Perera design, photo by Jean Randazzo)

Layering colors in a home from room to room can also create texture without fear of adding too much “stuff” to the space.

Fabulous details bring a room to life! (Kishani Perera design, photo by Jean Randazzo)

Details can bring a room to life!  A few fabulous styling ideas that cost next to nothing, even in your rental: swap out your generic doorknobs for something more special, use your toothbrush holder as a jewelry rack!, instead of a cup by the sink add a vase, try a bench in your vintage bathroom… LOVELY!!!

(Kishani Perera design, photo by Jean Randazzo)

Light up corners in unusual ways! Check the LED light art in the corner above. You can DIY a piece of glowing art with some twinkling christmas tree lights wrapped on branches or a wreath.  Light features add unexpected dimension and fire to a space.

(Kishani Perera design, photo by Jean Randazzo)

Last but hardly least, these glamorous photos of lush design are full of unexpected whimsy.  Flowers are great centerpieces, but feathers are fabulous. These velvety feathers are poetic.  Imagine a centerpiece of peacock feathers in your place? …wow!

Kishani’s work is chock full of inspiration!!!  Take these images and let them guide you toward a more personal touch somewhere in your home, your office, even your car.  And, as always, have fun!  xxoo Dana



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