Etsy Love! Journaling Just Became Cooler With Paper Jayne…

Dec 9, 2011 | Creativity

Meet Paper Jayne‘s groovy journals and paper garlands, my Etsy-Love of the day!  Journals are my #1 recommendation for my feng shui clients who are lacking wood energy (in feng shui speak, they are lacking the creative and flexible energy of wood) and the best way I know to start the day!

Having filled over a hundred journals in my writing life, I am always keeping an eye out for the freshest container to hold my words. My taste in journals ranges from 99 Cent Store Composition Books in funky fluorescent colors to monstrous black sketchbooks lugged with two hands to the coffee shop.  When my enthusiasm for the reflective morning page is running on empty, I grab myself a groovy splurge journal.  Personally, I love to support artisans and the handmade movement, hence my Etsy-overdose today only to find Paper Jayne!

Stay tuned… soon I will have to indulge my pen fetish! I so want to find a feather pen!


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