Productivity: Feng Shui Your Smart Phone Case!

Dec 11, 2011 | The Beautiful

Swarvoski iPhone Cases

Major phone bling!

Since our smart phones are have evolved into a multi-faceded extension of our creative brain, your phone is a great place to start increasing your productivity and clearing out clutter. Here’s a quick guide to some of the coolest iPhone (like the ombre Swarovski case above!) cases out there, matched to meet your personality needs! (& for all you Blackberry/ Android folks, the rules apply to any phone you may have!)

Get a case that both PROTECTS  your phone and PROMOTES your intentions. Chances are, your phone is in your hands a ton during the day, so it does matter what it looks like! Lets take a look at some great cases that can enhance your feng shui elements:

JCrew iPhone Cases

J Crew iPhone Cases, some metal element of focus and sparkling energy for your phone!

~ A metal case will promote greater focus.  The sparkle adds chi (life force) while the metal element increases focus and critical thinking.  (my favorite from J Crew is pictured above)

Red iPhone Case

A red phone case case adds fire to your daily routine.

~ Red phones cases attract attention (good if you, like me, always misplace your phone in your bag or lose it often), but if you find yourself getting into heated or intense conversations it may be too “hot” a color for you. This soft touch one above from Hard Candy has amazing texture.

Grove iPhone 4/4S Cases evoke nature and positive growth.

~ If you are a hyper-creative type, you may relish the look, feel and energy of a wood iPhone case.  Wood cases that work can be hard to find, but the bamboo case above from Grove is delightful and highly reviewed.

iPhone4 Cases

Ryan McGinness and Andy Warhol cases from Incase are!

~ Gorgeous colors or patterns, affirmations or other words of wisdom can be ideal “sleeves” for your mobile.  The cases above by Incase, inspired by Andy Warhol and Ryan McGinness are so my-style its crazy!  If you have a strong personal style, flaunt it. Or, if you want to get super-personal with your smart phone statement, make a custom case at!


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