Raymond Pettibon’s “Desire in Pursuyt of the Whole” Rocked My Art World

Dec 18, 2011 | Life With Art


Raymond Pettibon knows how to fill a room with exuberance and an enchanted bit of mysterious nature.  Waves of Joy!!! I just about jumped up and down in gleeful excitement (ok, I did jump up and down in gleeful excitement!) when I walked into Regen Projects in West Hollywood yesterday. Sadly, by the time you read this you have missed it, but set a Google Alert for Raymond Pettibon now so that never happens again (!) and click through to see a few snapshots of genius…


In feng shui, water is the element that starts the cycle of elements: water ->wood -> fire-> earth -> metal is the  full cycle, then the elements start again with water.  When you are in a “water phase” this generally means that ideas are germinating, life is introspective but full of bubbling energy and a fresh start is about to begin.  When I get totally overcome by the happiness of standing in a room full of art, that art usually connects synergistically with my state of mind.  As the year closes and a new year gets ready to roll in- 2012, no less, the year of all sorts of cosmic prediction- I have been feeling the cycle of water dawning.


The man who has taken wave-making to utter perfection in art has taken my breath away… Here you go, courtesy of my iPhone and the smart curation of Regen Projects II:


Raymond_Pettibon _Waves


Raymond Pettibon Drawings



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