“Think and Grow Rich”: The Classic Prosperity Book Revisited!

Dec 20, 2011 | Prosperity

Think and Grow Rich Book Cover

You may not be able to control every one of the zillion thoughts you have, nor would I suggest that you try to accomplish this impossible task.

However, when you actively work on thinking clearly about your objectives in life, you tend to stay on track and things become much easier to navigate.

My present-day motto from the Buddhist Gosho of Nichiren Daishonin is this amazing line, “Be the master of your mind, don’t let your mind be your master.”

That’s what thinking and growing rich is all about!!!

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I’m fairly certain that most every “self-help” person alive has more-than-heavily borrowed some part of this book because it’s so full of so much “modern manifesting” wisdom.

Semi-hilarious in its verbiage (it was written in the 1930’s) and chock full of anecdotes told by the author, Napoleon Hill, this is a great little read that is part how-to and part history.

The best part of this book is that it is majorly a product of years of investigative journalism. Napoleon Hill did not “make up” the theories and ideas of Think and Grow Rich.  He learned everything in this book from observing, studying and interviewing the major titans of industry of his day (Edison, Ford, Andrew Carnegie, etc…), synthesizing it all into this one little book.

I will admit that this book is far too hyper-driven and very focused on MEN (a couple of women do get a shout out, yet just one or two) but, again, its the 1930’s in America (sigh) and that’s a snapshot of how far we’ve evolved even though we’ve got a ways to go!  There is actually a line in the book about how men go bald who wear hats that are too tight!  In 2016, it’s the kind of book to be taken with many grains- or a pound- of salt— and not at all literally.

A few ideas sparked while reading Think And Grow Rich that I’ve found super-useful to test and play with in life:

  1. Making sure you understand and remind yourself of your worth.  (How many artists, especially, undersell themselves in the spirit of wanting to please and sell…!?!)
  2. Nothing comes for free.  Be willing to work once you know what you want to achieve.
  3. Listen and learn to experts in the field(s) you need to master, and form a group of advisors for your life that are awesome at what they do (i.e., if you are a budding screenwriter, a producer, casting director, director and a few agents or teachers could be key to teaching you what you need to know beyond the basics of your own writing).
  4. Planning!!!  While there is one thing to have enthusiasm and a great talent, without great planning, you are at a massive disadvantage.

If you feel like you’ve gotten overwhelmed in work or life, in addition to a few sessions of clutter clearing or two in your home, car or office, you might want to check out a free pdf of Think And Grow Rich  and see if it inspires you to cancel the negative thoughts you catch whizzing through your mind, replacing them with super-positive plans and actions!

The classics are always a great thing!

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xoxo Dana



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