Get Energized With Rainbows At Home

Dec 22, 2011 | Home Style

Striped Wallpaper

Rainbows are the stuff that good vibes are made of- literally!  A full-spectrum of color (or a great assortment in a rhythmic profession) adds life force (otherwise known as “chi”) to your home.  One strategically – or whimsically- placed rainbow can bring a room or home to life!

Rainbow flowers and rainbow

(images 1, 2)

A great crystal chandelier or globe hung in a sunny window will cast a natural rainbow inside… A bunch of curated flowers plucked from a flower shop will make a rainbow arrangement to grace a week…

Of course, a little custom detail like this Designs Kingdom Louis V chair (which you can have done in your favorite riff on rainbow upholstery), some fabulous muted rainbow bedding or full-spectrum Color Field painting like the Gene Davis above  titled Apricot Ripple will be less “nature-oriented”  than flowers or real rainbow light, but equally energizing.


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