Stop Worrying About “Manifesting” And Start Living!

Dec 29, 2011 | Prosperity

Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson

I know, we all want to hear that everything that we want can be “manifested” by “the Secret” or some other misleading and incomplete work of pop-wish-getting in the span of a week. Well, perhaps, in part, it partially can.  But a lifestyle is not just about “getting things”… a lifestyle is about what you eat for breakfast, your friends, your work, your family, the conversations you have all day… a lifestyle is far more than a simplified notion of something magically appearing.

I love magic as much as the next person, but to carve out a dream lifestyle, the magic is in the patience and willingness you have to shift the energy in your life and make decisions to gradually- and, we hope, permanently- move toward your dream life.  Those habits you have had for years won’t melt away because you have manifested a Porsche. But, with presence of mind and the ability to take small steps forward, you will be able to lay the foundation of real changes.

My clients that try to redo the entirety of their feng shui, revamp every less-than-awesome habit and makeover their image ALL AT ONCE usually message me within a few weeks asking why they are so frustrated.  In their furious push to get things done they skipped the lines in my feng shui report that say ” go slowly.  do a few things then wait and feel it out.  then maybe another. look at one habit, see if you can get to a place for a month where you feel good about it, then move onto the next.”

I’m fairly certain when talking to most 80 and 90 year olds I’ve known, the last thing the reminisce about is objects that they were able to own. Treasured memories of a life well-lived comes from embracing lifestyle over “rat-race-style”.  Take a little time each day to self-reflect, chill out, and get a bit of your dream life in the mix of old habits and routines. It may take a while to realize that you are living your dream life, but it will happen a lot sooner if you start now.


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