Feng Shui To Sell Your Home!

Dec 30, 2011 | Feng Shui 101


Click through to read my feng shui basics to start with when thinking about showing and selling your house!

My Basic Feng Shui Home Staging Notes To Sell Real Estate:

1. curb appeal: The White House is the ultimate example of curb appeal.  And curb appeal is half the selling battle.  creating a “legible” entranceway will go far in creating interest.  you may need to invest a bit, even if its just time invested, in your lawn’s condition, in your walkway to the door, in creating a welcoming entranceway that is easy to navigate…The White House Front

2. try to depersonalize your house a bit when you show it, but still keep it balanced. its amazing what taking down (rather than putting up, which is what I usually recommend) personal photos, etc, will do to allow others to “project their vision” on a space.  you give them room to connect with it.  too spare is really not the way. i saw a great bungalow on sunday that looked so dinky because it was stripped of basically all personality.

3. wood energy is very creative and exciting.  couple that with nature and you have a refreshing home run.  if you are planning to move to a new place already, get some really lush plants, even an indoor tree, that you can bring along to the new home, that you can use to stage this house.  Any areas that feel “dead” energetically can get a big lift from foliage and wood.

4. massively clear out your clutter- people can feel it.  the last thing i want to feel in a home is someone’s problems, which you literally can feel when its cluttered.

5. make sure the rooms all have a sense of stability to them- nothing crooked, nothing in disrepair, and very centered and simple with the furnishings.  if you are planning on getting rid of some furniture that is worn or dated, consider doing that now. its hard for people to think past stuff like that- it resonates through the home.

6. if all else fails and your home is languishing on the market, consider hiring a feng shui consultant, but make sure they have AN AWESOME TRACK RECORD with real estate sales.  and, make sure that they review all the photographs and marketing materials your real estate agents are using for your property promotion as well, since images are one of the first ways most prospective buyers “see” the space, and they form an instant positive or negative judgement about your place from there…

I hope that this all helps to get you started! Good luck!


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