Mr. Brainwash in Los Angeles

Dec 30, 2011 | Life With Art

Mr. Brainwash Madonna

Although it seemed like it would be a mellow day, by 4:30p I was taking photos with Thierry Guetta, aka, “Mr. Brainwash”, aka,  the star of the Banksy-helmed street art documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop“.  He is the artist who hustled his way through the ranks of superstar street artists; now his works are being stolen off the streets by eager collectors looking to make a buck in the art game. 

Mr. Brainwash Art

I am willing to bet that all of you art purists are coughing and rolling your eyes right about now, wondering why I am putting up so much as a single image of such “crap art”… right?  Well, as I walked up to the massive art  exhibition accompanied by three well-educated and respected artists, I blurted out loud: “So many great artists don’t get their work shown, but he does simply because he’s a master of self-promotion.  Isn’t that an art form?”

Mr Brainwash

Now, when Leo Castelli and Ferus Gallery in LA decided to show an artist named Andy Warhol and a series of soup can prints he made, more than a few people rolled their eyes and coughed and called it crap.  A couple of people early on could see that Andy’s ethos was bigger even than the canvas.  Their $100 to $1000 investments have turned to $8-$10,000,000 dollars each.  Even though the art market shouldn’t be a barometer of the “greatness” of art, we all have to agree it does speak pretty loudly when a painting breaks auction records! So… maybe this Mr. Brainwash is something?

Mr. Brainwash Polaroid Camera

 I can tell you one thing, it was far more fun than most art openings in LA (sorry, guys, its true!)…!

Mr. Brainwash Kate Moss


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