Vision Boards Are So 2010…Get On Pinterest And Start Pinning Up Your Dream Life!

Jan 9, 2012 | Creativity

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Vision Boards became enormously popular in the last decade with the surge in The Secret book hoopla, and they just became a bit antiquated with the social media advent of PINTEREST! I promise you there are a handful of excellent reasons to give it a try… 

What is a vision board? Basically, its a board, (or piece of paper, canvas, cork board, etc), that is covered with images (usually torn from magazines) that help you to “visualize” your goals and dreams and refine the idea of what they “look like” in the physical universe outside of your head.  While I have found it to be a worthy exercise, especially to get more clear on your style and what you want life to literally look like, the notion of a vision board always has a twinge of weird and messy.  Lets be honest, a board fully covered with pictures of people you want to meet, for instance,  is kinda reminiscent of what you see in serial killer/ stalker movies on some altar in the sociopath’s home.  And how many of you actually have as many magazines as you need at your fingertips to create a collage that is really effective for you to refine your vision?

Enter Pinterest!  If you aren’t on Pinterest, I really hope you get on there, even privately, and start making boards of electronic “pins” for yourself.   A handful of compelling reasons to get on there today?

  • You can make a virtual vision board for just about anything, from cars to fashion to political ideals and diet tips…
  • You can literally, visually COMPARTMENTALIZE your ideas in front of you, all on one page.  this basically means that you can separate your projects, goals, dreams and interests in a very chic fashion and build on them, one by one, separately.
  • There is no reason to share your boards (it can all be private) or you CAN share your stuff and have people comment and follow your boards to build on their own interests…


    It's so easy to "pin" anything you are reading right onto one of your Pinterest boards!

  • Instead of a relying on a stack of magazines and a glue stick to assemble your vision board, you can “pin” stuff from anywhere on the Internet by dragging the Pin It button from your account onto your computer’s bookmark bar.  The World Wide Web becomes your image base!
  • Plus, some dizzyingly fabulous people are already on Pinterest and pinning up a storm, so you may happen upon things you never would have thought of or seen before, all in one place, all visually presented, and all so easy to use…
  • Oh, and one of my favorite parts of Pinterest? you can move things around on your main page to organize and re-organize your “board” based on where you want to focus and what you want to see constantly… because that’s the whole point of envisioning things in this way… you see them enough that they becomes your driving thoughts… Where your energy goes, life flows!

Happy Pinning!  xoxo Dana


  1. Melissa

    Do you know how to make a board private? I’m searching and searching…can’t figure it out! Thanks!

    • danaclaudat

      Well, this is what I should have explained, and awesome question!!! Theoretically you can’t make a board “private” in an official sense yet on Pinterest (like you can on Tumblr, say, where you can have a completely private blog) but at this stage in the game of Pinterest its pretty easy to go under the radar. You can exclude your name from Google search (instructions on the Pinterest help page), you can pretty simply use an email that your friends and contacts don’t have (so you become nearly impossible to find) and you can simply not comment/repin/get involved in the community aspect. I have friends who do this and I could search for hours and not find them.
      I’m actually considering setting up a secondary Pinterest that is incognito, but I am such a share-oriented person, I bet I’d never use it! Plus, if you are using it as a vision board, you want to get it out into the world. Perhaps with an alias?!
      Have fun Pinning!!! xoxo Dana



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