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Jan 10, 2012 | Prosperity

William Eggleston

You have accomplished things in your life and acknowledging what you have done feeds your future success.  It is easy to win a trophy, accomplish a giant goal or get great praise and then, over time, forget about it.  Consumed by the little things that crop up every day, we forget what we have accomplished and feel overwhelmed, maybe even burdened by the tasks and obstacles in a day.  For some of you, the idea of putting a trophy case in your home may seem… tacky.  I know. There is a way to display your awards and accomplishments symbolically- if not literally- in your home or office to fuel the fire of the present and future success!

Align the bottom of this map with your front door or entrance door to a room.

The Power Area of Your Room, Home or Office (even your desk!):  In feng shui, the power area of your home on the bagua mapis the central area along the wall opposite your front door.  This is also called the “Fame” area.  Also, there is a “power” area in every room, along the center area of the wall opposite the main entrance door.  If you look at your desk, the area of the desk furthest from where you sit, if you stretched out your arms— that is the power area of the desk.  So… Awards and trophies, even memorabilia or pictures that remind you of a time of personal triumph are best displayed here.

My puppy's Dog Training Award does "count" as an award for him! Its on his "puppy station" table!

If you are in my position, your home “Fame” areas are along the windowed wall of my bathroom, and other inconvenient areas to hang diplomas or first-prize ribbons.  If this is the situation, try adding fire colored curtains (reds, corals, purples…) or painting walls or adding accessories that are fire colored to these areas of your home.  As for your awards, you will need to get more creative and personal about their display!

Clever Ways To Put Things of Display: A screensaver filled with images of your most triumphant moments on your desktop, a centerpiece on a table that combines awards with flowers and plants for an “artistic” display, your trophy ribbons pinned to a vintage lampshade on a lamp in your living room…. A cork board filled with details of your proudest moments printed out on colored paper …What about a mug made at a place like Zazzle that has a picture of all your favorite awards that you can keep on your desk at work (no one needs to know but you!)

Virtual Storehouse of Praise: Hey, its 2012.  We don’t all keep paper diaries (though maybe we should!) but a personal (or public) blog where you can keep tabs on things that make you proud will give you years of memories to sift through electronically… and will keep you focused on the good!  Don’t overlook the small things. My proudest moments have been very private and personal, not based on things I have won or achieved on a grand scale (though we do love those, too!)… Give it a try on a Tumblr!  Its my favorite!!!

And, always remember to be grateful. We forget that for everything we have done, there are infinite numbers of people to thank and a ton to feel blessed with, no matter how big or small the achievement.  Thank you thank you thank you! xoxo Dana


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