8 Creative Ways To Start Indulging In Aromatherapy Right Now!

Jan 11, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Aromatherapy seems complex, intense, and almost too scary to approach as you see those dark vials in the health food store sort of mysteriously looming on a shelf. It would seem there is a tremendous amount of knowledge (professional certification can take hundreds of hours and multiple years) and a huge amount of equipment (nebulizers, diffusers… these words get tossed around often) used to get the scent from the bottle and into the environment. What if there was a way, right now, that you could grab a bottle or two of essential oil and experience the insanely powerful results without being deeply invested with time or money? Pretty tempting, huh???

I have used essential oils without a fancy diffuser with incredible results. In fact, I now use oils daily and I can say that I have not once wished I had a diffuser or a PhD in plant chemistry, though I will admit, aromatherapy is addictive!!!

Some creative, fresh and fun ways you can to use aromatherapy right now: 

1. Add one drop of essential oil per silk flower to a bouquet. Of course, jasmine, rose otto or chamomile essential oils are all “flower-like” scents that are also great for stimulating love emotions. This is an amazing, emotionally charged way to sweeten a silk bouquet!

Adding a drop of essential oil to each silk flower can bring this bouquet to full bloom!

2. Put a few drops of essential oil on the unglazed bottom of a clay flower pot. Peppermint essential oil early in the morning is a fabulous idea!!! (Warning: if you use peppermint oil too late at night, you could find yourself with insomnia! Peppermint is very mentally stimulating, like the caffeine of the essential oil world.)

3. Put a drop or two of essential oil on each log in your fireplace to amplify fire energy. Note: Only use sandalwood, pine, cedar wood or cypress oils for this aromatherapeutic trick. The great news is that you can add the oil weeks before you ever burn the firewood.
What a great gift, to give someone sandalwood-infused firewood as a housewarming present or holiday hostess gift!

4. If you are burning unscented candles, drop a few drops in the runny, melting wax to gently diffuse aroma (avoid contact between oil and the direct flame).

5. You can add a few drops of oil to a bath, but pick carefully since not every oil is good for direct contact on your skin. My favorite oils for the bath: sandalwood to be more grounded, lavender (the wonder-essential-oil for everything!) and a single drop of sweet orange oil for SPONTANEOUS JOY! That is amazing.

6. Try heating a small pot of water (don’t boil it!), pour it into a bowl, and add a few drops of oil and let the steam diffuse into the air. You can use just about any oil in this way, but I would stick to the aromatic and fresh scents like rosemary or ginger essential oil for alertness, a few drops of rose otto for calming and an open heart.

7. A few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before bed is very powerful to help you sleep. Just be careful- this could stain! I usually put on the back side of decorate pillows and leave them on my bed beside me when I am sleeping, so if it stains I won’t be upset…!

8. Throw a few handfuls of organic rose petals (you can usually find at a farmers market or flower mart, or ask your local florist… make sure they were not sprayed wit pesticides! this is one time organic is sooooo vital!) and two cups of milk or a cup of heavy cream into a hot bath. This is super-chic and unforgettably fun! The rose oil will naturally diffuse from the petals and create quite the luxuriously scented bath!

If you would like to know more and go deeper, I learned a ton of basic and more intricate aromatherapy from Valerie Ann Wormwood’s books, especially “The Fragrant Mind” which blew my mind. Also, and most vitally,
before ever using any essential oil, always be sure that you are NOT ALLERGIC to the oil and that you look up all the contraindications(from reputable sources!) These oils are super-powerful, so safety first…! If you are in doubt, ring an aromatherapist. And, as always…have fun!!! xoxo Dana

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  1. Julia

    I learned once to use 4-5 drops of tea tree oil on a washing powder/liquid when washing clothes. Tea tree has very strong anti fungal/bacterial properties!

    Also I wonder if silken flowers are feng shui because of the millions of creatures coocked alive in it to obtain the material. There is wild silk though, which is picked in the forests from the ground by hand, but it only is used for sheets, as far as I know, not for making flowers.

    • danaclaudat

      Oh I will try the tea tree oil, thank you!!! And there are loads of totally synthetic “silky” flowers! 🙂



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