Interior Design Has Been Saved By Lenny Kravitz

Jan 12, 2012 | Home Style

If interior design is your passion and you dig my style of personalized and artistic feng shui then we will be on the same page: Lenny Kravitz is the best interior designer alive.  Ok, I know this is a grand statement, and maybe its because he has not broken a single one of my litany of feng shui rules, or maybe because I share his glam 70’s and hyper-intimate, textured and printed aesthetic… Ok, ok, I’ll stop talking.  This time, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

The problem I find with lots of modern interior design – and I don’t want to sound like a hater- is that it is all flash and little function, its often imbalanced elementally and often full of superfluous details to “look” good but not necessarily feel good.  Like, say, living on a film set perfectly built by set designers, some “designed” spaces design people out of their space.

The keys to building a successful space for living in a feng shui sense: understanding and embracing social spaces, balancing elements and textures, adding fire with an elegant hand, bringing in nature, getting personal, using art in a purposeful way, having focus, grounding your rooms and communicating with your environment.  If my design intuition is on point here, should Lenny Kravitz be anything like his design, he’s quite the man…and I bet he probably is!  Check it:

Gravity , opulence & chi– calm and energized! On the left, the formal nature of the high gloss metal sheen to the table feeds the intensity of the glass.  Because its all in rich earth tones, it never feels pretentious or intimidating but, rather, warm.  On the right, Candles and firewood keep the hidden yang energy flowing in a cooler, more refined and self-reflective space.

Monochromatic rooms usually fall flat and feel offensive.  here, you want to run and dive in.  the sense of elements brought in through materials and shapes is so hard to do… like a Robert Ryman painting layering textures rather than colors… A room that screams, “I love to entertain, but within my circle exclusively with just a few exceptions.”

A stellar chandelier to keep the otherwise delicate room intensely rooted in place. Outdoors and indoors meet with grace.

Circles work so well in these rooms where they usually fail because the details are so personal and the seating so inviting. The Warhols run the risk of being aggressive and overpowering, but, instead they bring strength and indomitable spirit to the room.

Even the boldest choices in fabric and style still keep themselves cool with an eye toward useful placement. This is not design made just for pictures, its design for living in a connected way… You can be alone, with someone— or alone and with someone at the same time comfortably.

When I say that your bedroom needs fire, mystery, balance, personality and sensory richness, this is exactly what I mean.

I could go on & on and pull photos for hours…but I’d rather take my own!  There you go Mr. Kravitz, 10 minutes of feng shui’d design notes… now  I am totally ready for your latest interior design tour whenever you invite me!  xoxo Dana


  1. Anya

    Wonderful! Every single room has a story. White room is just perfect.


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