Pinterest~Obsessed: Pinning Pantone’s Color Picks For Spring 2012

Jan 20, 2012 | Home Style

If we look at the Pantone Spring 2012 palette through the eyes of Traditional Chinese Element theory, its clear that Spring is predicted to be rich in fire energy and yet light on wood energy to fuel the action of this monumental 2012. I’ve been pinning these colors up on Pinterest for more than a  month now and I must say… they are massively cheerful, ripe, unexpected and totally fun…! Check it out! 

Tangerine Tango, that scorching orange that pops through your computer monitor, is the official color of 2012 overall.  I’m sure this is the 100,000th time you have heard this is you are a fan of Internet surfing.  What you have not heard? If you start adding fiery Tangerine Tango to your home or wardrobe be sure to add some green, some wood, even some fresh flowers or plants; the energy of nature will balance out the heat.

From what it looks like, 2012 promises to be lots of action and the building of ideas into concrete form…and I am a huge fan of that energy!

One other little tip, adding pinwheels of color reminiscent of a Mark Grotjahn painting or a Chris Johanson pillow (as seen above) will  make the most of the musicality of the color spectrum visually.  Yes, color creates rhythm- MUSIC!- and the energy that each color exudes helps create the “color symphony” in every room of your home, or even in your wardrobe.  If you spin the color in a pinwheel of sections, you get the added plus of “motion” which works like the motor in a car as the pinwheel design gets things moving on an energetic and psychological level in its environment.  Pretty cool, no?

For more of my non-stop Pinterest “pinning” of color & home style obsessions, log on to Pinterest or request your invite here and follow me on the “pinning” journey! xoxo Dana



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