Ai Weiwei Commands Your Attention!

Jan 25, 2012 | Life With Art

Gracefully unravelling and impossible to ignore.

Artist Ai Weiwei is sheer bliss in my eyes.  His art is enormous and uncompromising.  His views on life, politics and human rights are enormous and uncompromising, holding his ground solidly when arrested by his native Chinese government. Ai Weiwei is not about “bigger is better”;  his work is more about bigger communicating more decisively, more resolutely, and more unforgettably. I am obsessed, and, when you see what Ai Weiwei can do… well, check it out: 

A spider web in a corner is terrifying to many... but when made huge and lit from within, it is haunting. And hard to ignore.

A TON- a true ton- of tea formed into a cube. And a zillion pearls in massive porcelain bowls. Each show that even smaller pieces can be comprised of enormity in their parts, and that vastness is deeply compelling.

a cube like none you have ever seen before...!

If you aren't already lusting for a giant chandelier at home, here is a perfect example of just how magical they can be.

I can say that I literally fell into tears and begged the very strict but lovely staff at the Mori Museum to let me in to see their major Ai Weiwei exhibition in 2009, pleading as though for my life to see the massive Ai Weiwei experience LIVE.  I got in… and will never forget it as every room unfolded in one giant installation after the next, all so well-planned, all perfectly thought-through, not a gratuitous piece in the lot, as I gasped and jumped up and down in glee.  Bigger is not always better— but when things are quite excellent and emotionally ripe, bigger is most usually never big enough!

To take this small scale and bring it home, what if you had a really solid visual statement piece in your house? A mural, an art installation, a painted ceiling, a giant photograph!?  You  would just need one large-scale piece of art, but a huge one, at home to create major waves.  This large-scale art would infuse your home with its massive message, be it subtly or very overtly.  If you are working to make a change in your life’s ideology or focus, such a giant symbol of what you want to communicate in your life represented in an artwork- a very large and profound visual something great- can actually give much might to your wishes and dreams elegantly.

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