Color Power: Fresh Turquoise And Your Calm, Creative Confidence

Feb 1, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Paint the back wall of bookshelves to add color, depth and visual interest to your blue!

Today I decided to mine the greatness of The House of Turquoise blog (such a gem of a blog!)  to give you ideas of how and why you might want to add turquoise to your feng shui color palette to evoke confidence, calm, freshness and the ‘creative-idea-generating’ energy of the feng shui water element.  Super gorgeous & powerful design lies ahead…!  

Turquoise glass bottles can add life to a windowsill that yearns for freshness. Bottles in a kitchen can be both decorative and functional (homemade sodas, dressings and oils can have a new home!)

The feng shui “meaning” of blue in general is that of a calming, strengthening, confidence-enducing hue. Too much blue, or too intense a blue can be depressing, isolating or too egocentric a color. What type of blue matters. That said, a neon blue will not make you calm and serene, and a nearly-white pastel blue will not be evocative of much energy.

Enter TURQUOISE. The feel-good color that is beloved enough to have its own dedicated blog, turquoise has the energy and radiance to inspire creative, watery thoughts that start the cycle of action in a feng shui sense while also evoking the serene, the introspective and the boldly confident. A gender-neutral color, turquoise finds its way onto the top of “favorite color lists” aplenty of ladies and gentlemen. Luckily, its easy to add turquoise to a multitude of color schemes and get the exciting results you want!

What a divine way to add preciousness to a table with gemlike glassware!

Turquoise Bed Skirts are like sleeping on the sky. Really amazing for a young child's bedroom.

A beaded chandelier adds color and a feeling of nature in its stones; You can paint your outdoor (or indoor) cane chairs or other wooden chairs with just a spray can of primer, a great turquoise spray and lots of ventilation 🙂

Keep in mind that in feng shui, the water and fire are the main elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory that create change.  It’s just like in nature: fires and floods, the power of combustion and the energy from the tides create the most profound changes.  If you are searching to create more motion and change with water in a feng-shui sense in your home, I would not only suggest water colors (like turquoise) and patterns….but also, actual MOVING WATER in a fountain or other water feature and/or lots of trips to the ocean if that is possible!

Of course, the ocean is the ultimate way to bring the natural infusion of turquoise and all its radiance into your life!

How beautiful, right?! After this post I’ve decided I’m ditching Hollywood and driving out to Malibu tomorrow! xoxo Dana



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