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Feb 8, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Doug Aitken (…my feng shui art god! )

Now that I am getting deep into the idea of taking breaks between periods of intense focus, I realize one winds up with blocks of 10, 20 and even 30 minutes or more to sort of screw around while working.  It occurred to me when a friend told me he was washing his windows in lieu of working because he read it on the blog I thought…Wow! Yes! I need to make a list of a ton of things to do when you don’t want to work that could actually be as beneficial as working in a feng shui sense!

Here’s a list of 20 things you can do in 10-20 minutes to sneak some feng shui into your day—>

1. Wash your windows.Clean windows in feng shui are the equivalent of a clear mind.  We always forget to wash our windows, but when solutions are sparse or our minds are going in a million different directions, clean those windows!!!  A little non-toxic window wash (you can even make your own window cleaner!) with a microfiber towel makes it a more non-toxic little break in the day.

2. Stretch. I love yoga, but classes can be really hard to schedule when you are either working twelve hour days or juggling a full-time job and family, life, etc.  I happen to be a giant fan of yogi Tara Stiles and you can find a zillion videos on her You Tube Channel like this Yoga To De-Stress 5-Minute routine to get your days started right, or take a 5 minute break just about anywhere!

sketch of my puppy Bob by my sister…

3. Sketch. Or just straight-up doodle.  Work things out artistically.  There is a reason why Art Therapy was created as an actual profession.  Art helps you work out issues and communicate from your core somewhat unconsciously.  Amazing!

4. Purposefully Daydream.  A tip from a Buddhist with a PhD in Psychology and an incredible life: lay down or recline with your eyes closed and count backward from 100 to zero.  When you hit zero (if you don’t fall asleep!) start seeing what you want to have happen, what you are striving for, etc, happening in live action.  View the scenes in your life like a movie from left to right on the projected screen of your imagination.  “Read” the scene like you would read a book.  When you feel refreshed, you are ready to roll.

5. Write a note to someone. Notice I didn’t say email or Facebook or Tweet? Actually write someone a note or a letter.  Its such a thrill to receive handwritten stuff these days, and a revelation to actually handwrite!!!

6. Take out the trash. Clear trash = clean space.  Make sure you actually clean your trash cans, too.   They are breeding-grounds for bacteria, which is just as bad or wise than trash alone!

7. Start a Tumblr blog. It takes 2 minutes (or 15 hours if you look through every available free theme to spice it up!) to start a Tumblr blog.  You can keep it private or get crazy and public and start blogging for whatever reason you might want to… My Tao of Dana Tumblr started one day based on a conversation where I said to a friend, “I wonder if I can really help people in a real way with feng shui online?” Three minutes later, it started.  Two years later, its a force bigger than me!

8. Write in your journal (or go buy one!).  Journals are never a waste of time!

9. File Your Emails. Yep, just because we are paperless doesn’t mean we don’t need organization.  Trust me, when yu file emails you will have such a better time finding things when you need them!

10. Move 27 Things.  An old feng shui tip that you may hear floating around.  The number 27 is a multiple of 9 which is a superstitious feng shui number.  I keep it at 27 because its a number big enough to make a difference.  Do 23 or 28 for all I care, but when yu are stuck, move stuff around!

11. Put your toilet seat down. Thats a two minute break that will help stop the flow of energy draining out of your life. Ok, its more symbolic than that, but you get the picture…

12.  Pick a new color for a wall or a room. What’s your favorite color? Do a little Google Image search and see if you can find the perfect colors to bring to the paint store!

13. Make a date. Set a plan to see someone from the wasteland of Internet communications (one of your 700 Facebook friends, perhaps?!) that you truly never see.  This is energizing.  Pick someone good.  If you can’t see them in person, Skype or talk on ythe phone, but plan to connect!

14. Walk around the block. The best refresher/extroversion tool.

I’ve been known to occasionally chat with the banana tree in the backyard…!

15. Water those plants… and talk to them! When you talk to plants you become more “one” with them.  Indulge me in this one, its actually true.  And yes, I have tried it!

16. Do some online shopping. Window shopping allowed if shopping is an addictive trait of yours!  But best if you actually order stuff you need, like a list of books at Amazon or pet clothes or, well, you see where my priorities are!

17. Order yourself a flower potion. I am a massive fan of Bach Flowers.  They are these flower “remedies” tailored to energetically alleviate specific emotional problems.  You are probably thinking, “Whoa, this sounds like a total scam and there is no scientific proof.”  Well, you are partially right, there is no scientific proof.  But I am living proof, and if I am living proof that the placebo effect of these flower essences you put in water actually works I can live with that!  If you want to give them a try, you can order a custom bottle of flowers at the Feel Bach website for under $20.

Sage makes a super housewarming present for just about anybody!

18. Sage your house. Burning sage is an ancient ritual to chase away bad sprites, but what sage does definitively do is chase away negative ions, filing the air with positive ions which is a very good thing!!!

19. Open all the windows in your home or office.  If there are no windows in your office, get a little fan.  Circulation gets the energy flowing.  Especially if you opt for #18 and burn sage.  You definitely have to open the windows for that!

20. Write all the ways that you are lucky and awesome over and over again on the nearest piece of paper until every bit is full.

NOW, get back to work!!! xoxo Dana



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