Feng Shui Lessons From The Selby!

Feb 13, 2012 | Home Style

Ines de la Fressange's mantle is a perfect study in color, personality, lush blooming plants and overall prosperity. This is the mantle of a person/people who are excited about the every sensory experience of life. Creating personal "vignettes" at home is not always "clutter"... at times its vital to infusing your home with personal meaning.

I spent so much time chatting/ raving about Todd Selby, the photographer/ blogger/ artist/ cultural icon/ voyeur/ genius behind The Selby blog this weekend that it seemed only fitting that I pull his feng shui best in my unhumble opinion from The Selby blog and bring them to you this morning!

Abigail Ahern has an pulled together a creative living room gathering space that marries totally unrelated colors, patterns and textures yet can succeed since every element feeds into a whole rather than competing... This may be unusual, but it is very successful!

My whole approach to feng shui is to see how people interact with their personal places and tweak it to make it more powerful and connected.   Todd Selby  has made a cultural institution out of capturing people on film in their interesting environments.  Needless to say, there’s so much to learn from and get excited about at The Selby…!

The Selby Does Food Right. Here's Eric Werner in the Hartwood kitchen in Tulum, Mexico, absolutely surrounded by abundant produce and earthy goodness! While you may not have room for a giant table and mountains of foliage in your kitchen, assimilate this abundant concept in a big pot of fresh herbs growing on your kitchen table, baskets of produce on your shelves, even a big bowl of fruit on your living room coffee table if its the only free space you have! Lush= Prosperous!

Pharrell Williams in the Selby.... can you tell how much this guy loves his art? KAWS and Murikami prevail in this house, and its soooo personal and brilliant...Art is the focal point of his entire environment, art and the view outside. Talk about spacious living. When art defines your space, you add many dimensions of throughout, emotion and personality to your intimate world that can be harnessed in no other way.

Olaf Hajek in The Selby demonstrating that chalkboard walls can actually become more than a grocery list or an inspirational quote: they can be a giant canvas for art!!!

Hunt Slonem's Selby photoshoot includes vignettes of his powerful color sensibility. When you mix a mountain of glass (especially GREEN or BLUE colored glass) and wood, you create a super-charged wood energy area. When you infuse your home with the ultra-green energy of wood and growth you will see growth in your own life. Don't discount the power of houseplants, especially super-boosted with a vignette of glass adornments, which would make this even more powerful!!!

Tom Wolfe's house in The Selby is a compound of literature and elegance. Use color and exceptional mounds of anything you love (be it walls of books, mountains of flowers, a collection of your favorite photos or toys or plants... anything... but be bold and passionate about it. This blue, reminiscent of Tiffany blue, is refined and serene, adding a placid, polished elegance to the space. You can use color and showcase a collection to achieve equally precious results that boost your self-esteem and solidify the passion in your self-image.

Ohhhh The Selby is so addictive!  Have fun getting lost in people’s homes and learning about them through their stuff.  If you are so inclined, imagine your own Selby shoot… what could people learn about you from your stuff?  If the answer to that question is unclear for you, it’s time to start getting more personal at home!  xoxo Dana



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