Feng Shui Mirrors: 4 Basics For Powerful, Perfect Mirror Placement!

Feb 13, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui Mirrors: 4 Basics For Powerful, Perfect Mirror Placement!

In feng shui, mirrors are a hot topic! Mirrors are a common part of the decor and functionality of every home, and the placement of mirrors can literally make-or-break a space and its flow. When used properly, mirrors can get the good fortune flowing in your home like never before. This video will teach you my four basics of feng shui mirror placement. Watch it, then go check your mirrors!





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  1. Karen

    I’m living in a rental and the master bedroom closet is the whole length of a wall with mirrored glass doors! Any ideas about covering, camouflaging, etc.?

    Thanks for all your wisdom and uplifting attitude. I’m a big fan. XO

    • danaclaudat

      thank you Karen! contact paper is one solution, though removal can be tricky. putting up curtains over the whole wall is another, elegant solution. Also, iof your room is fabulous, you can get away with the mirror as something good, and use a shoji screen to block it at night. xxx

  2. Karen

    Thank you Dana! I did try a small area with contact paper but it looked yucky. I love the shoji screen idea! Will look in to that option for sure. As to beautiful curtains hmmm…..I can start to look at DIY pictures on line. That could be really pretty. XOXO

  3. AJ

    Hey Dana I just want to say I love your site and I love your articles!! So I decided to rearrange my bedroom because it seems like I am always THIS close in getting a job but at the end the companies I applied for always pick someone else. With that said, I recently brought two of this nightstand from Ikea called Nesna. The table top of the Nesna nightstand is made out of glass so therefore it does reflects the lamp and the corner of my beds (one on each side). I am not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing. I don’t see my reflection in the glass (when I am sleeping) but if I go close enough I can see the reflections of the headboard of my bed. I am not sure if that made sense? Anyhow I was saw some of your youtube videos and you did mention that placing something on a piece of glass helps amplify positiive energies?

    • danaclaudat

      placing things on mirrors…yes!
      i am pretty sure the glass nightstands are just fine… can you put something earthy on each to make them more stable- pottery, crystals, stones?

  4. AJ

    Thank you so much Dana! Yes I will do that!! <3


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