Deep Purple: The Regal Way To Add Fire To Your Home

Feb 14, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Purple isn't a color we automatically associate with nature, but, rather, with the spiritual or the rare and exhaled.

Purple is one of those colors that can be either extremely enriching or completely sickening.  Used with a metered hand, deep purple can add wealth, richness, a sense of royalty and the exhaled, a bit of mystery and spiritual might to your home or office. It only takes a single, old-skool 80’s style accent wall of deep purple to add an enormous amount of fire and fortitude to your home, or an unusual splash of your signature purple shade to create an emotive vibe in any room of your house. 

Talk about ULTRA violet. Walls like this do especially well in rooms on the far left area of your floor plan from the entrance door, otherwise known as the Self-Empowerment or Money area!

This single living room wall above lights up an entire room.  In gathering spaces, when you use purple be sure to counterbalance it with lots of wood or lots of fresh white to temper its intensity.

Below you will see ways to add a distinct swatch of purple to an unexpected place, like with blinds in a kitchen or on the exterior of a bathroom tub.  Incidentally, claw foot tubs painted in rich colors are my favorite bathroom design element!

Splashes of purple that you would not expect.

You theoretically can paint an entire room in purples, just beware of the deep shades that can turn your room into a cave.

Never paint an entire bedroom in too deep a purple or it will be like a pitch black cave. But, if you tone down the intensity of the purple, you can manage to paint an entire bedroom if you need the boost of individuality and self-esteem building.

Now, if you are thinking elegant simplicity, why not just paint a section of all the walls in a room, in a classical manner?

See how the metal energy of the white and the fire energy of purple temper each other? I would prefer to use this purple with wood wall trim that was more natural and raw... wood and fire are a more intuitive combination.

I find royal purples to be such useful hues for bringing out the individuality in my clients who need to be more assertive or self-actualized that I could say the color has a bit of “magic” in its makeup.  Even if you write your dreams in a deep violet journal, wear purples neck ties, use violet mascara instead of jet black or get a plum colored harness and leash for your puppy, you are infusing your world with the unusual, the slightly outside-of-the-box and the mysteriously inspiring energy of majesty.  Enjoy!  xoxo Dana


  1. Michelle

    A lovely shade of lavender works well in a meditation room asit is a very spiritual color. Good article and good photo choices 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      yes it does Michelle! & thank you!!!

  2. Rick Hamilton

    I love the color of the ULTRA violet wall in the top picture, can you tell me whose paint and the color it is ? I am redoing my “Band Room” ( which is on the far left of the house) and would love to paint the accent wall this shade of purple.

    Thanks, Rick

  3. Ella Klott

    The second picture from the top, do you happen to know the name of the shade of purple is in it? It’s the color i would love to paint my room

  4. Sarah d'Abadie

    I would love to know how you got that ultra violet colour or what colours you mixed? I can’t use your services because I’m located in the Caribbean! So would love feedback! Sarah 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      Ultra voilets are not mixable to my knowledge- you’ll do best finding a pre-mixed pigment! Lots of paint companies make these shades…!



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