Typography To Inspire: My Best Of Etsy Typography Round-Up!

Feb 15, 2012 | Uncategorized

Rock The Custard Prints

Inspirational Posters: We put them all over Facebook, we pin them everywhere on Pinterest, we Tumblr them and blog them and digitally share them all over the place… but today I thought it was time to actually talk about hanging them, physically, in your home or office.  While digital inspiration is awesome, hanging a little typographic message by your desk, in your laundry room, kitchen or just about anywhere can add charm, energy and more of those positive, affirmative thoughts we all love to our lives!  That said,  I did a little round-up for  you today of my favorite Etsy-shoppes of inspirational typography…

Valentina Designs

Emily Rooney Designs

I Screen, You Screen

Ein Bier, bitte!

Kari Machal

Enjoy!!! xoxo Dana


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