Flower Power: The Best of Spring 2012!

Feb 16, 2012 | The Beautiful

I am a die-hard fan of Little Flower School in Brooklyn!

Flowers are timeless in every form, but this season they are also very trendy!  If you have secretly wanted to add a little freshness to your closet, your home or your pantry- now is the time!  Flowers are representations of nature, and they help connect us closer to the natural flow of energy (or chi) that creates all of life.  Yes, flowers are powerfully affirmative and extremely easy to integrate almost anywhere!

Floral wallpaper on just one wall can bring a room to the next level of interest and enrichment.

The runways were chock full of florals for Spring 2012.  If you are adding a few new things to your wardrobe, J.Crew is your ultimate stop for timeless pieces that rock. Or, of course, the un-mined local thrift store!

J. Crew Floral Bliss! Its not quite "hippie-chic" but still energetic and evocative.

If you want to be the ultimate in hostess, try candying violets, adding edible flowers to a salad or make yourself a batch of the simplest and most delicious rose petal honey!

Rose Petal Honey from Straight into Bed Cakefree and Dried ; Edible Land Lilies from Intent.com.

And, of course, floral accents are welcome, you don’t have to paper a whole wall or re-do a room.  For simple additions of flower-pop, try tossing flowers in your hair like at Desiderata or tossing up some floral curtains.  Or, of course you could burn a jasmine candle or buy yourself some tulips (just be sure to re-snip the stems and put a penny at the bottom of the vase!)…

Accessorize with flowers, or max out the look in layers. Wherever you add floral print you will get the wood & nature presence that stimulates creative goodness!

Have fun! xoxo Dana



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