Feng Shui Cures You Can Make: A Feng Shui-Friendly DIY Roundup!

Feb 17, 2012 | Creativity

In the world of Do-It-Yourself, the creative potential is endless if you are willing to make even the smallest amount of effort…and while all creativity is great creativity, creative products that also make your home more feng-shui friendly are just perfection in my book!  Here is a round-up of a few of my favorite, extra-simple DIY projects that double as very deliberate feng shui fixes for your home or office…

Powerful changes in your home can be triggered by the addition of just one small sensory element.  Here, we will use motion, color, nature, scent and texture to get the life force flowing in your home.

FIRE: Better Homes &Gardens spray-paint lamp redux! If your room looks “blah”, if you have trouble finishing projects or easily loose steam mid-way through making things, you may need more fire in your house.  A red lamp is a super fire enhancement, or, of course, opt for Tangerine Tango if you want to be on-trend for the season.  The DIY lamp project above from Better Homes & Gardens was gone with little more than a can of spray paint, a vintage lamp, a new shade and some ribbon.

TEXTURE: A shaved-maze area rug from MAKE. For some texture to wake up your sense of touch and get more physically connected to your home you can try this simple shaved-maze rug from MAKE.  Tape, old hair clippers and a little while buzzing that cheap area rug that seems blah = perfection!

NATURE: Force some bulbs like paperwhites a bit early this year!  Bring Spring inside early this year by forcing bulbs at home.  The germination sprouting and blooming is sheer organic goodness anywhere in your home!!!

MOTION: Apartment Therapy’s dripping rainbow DIY wax painting. Now, while I know my friend Ozzie will curse me for bringing up another too-good-to-pass-up art project that will turn his house upside down for an afternoon, I can’t resist including this often-reblogged but now near-classic DIY melted-crayon artwork from Apartment Therapy (though its genesis spans the depths of the Internet!)  that can add flowing motion and the color spectrum of rainbows to a sullen wall.

SCENT: A powerful DIY citrus air spray from Instructables can wake up your dark corners! And, since you were so busy you might as well pull out your vodka, have yourself a sip (!) and make a cocktail-worthy bright citrus room spray that is good enough to drink compliments of Instructables.  Vodka, water, lemon, lime & orange combine to make your home and linens fresh, cheerful and full of “chi”… Citrus aromatherapy can turn a dull room to sparkling in seconds!

Have fun! xxx Dana


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