Feng Shui To Quit Smoking Without Stress!

Feb 20, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

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After years of failed attempts, I decided to get to the bottom of an addiction and stop smoking without fear of backsliding.  Honestly, it was the only time I never-ever wanted a cigarette again. Throw some supportive feng shui into the mix and you will hardly miss those smoke breaks…especially when you start feeling really great!

Cai Guo Qiang's "Black Rainbow"

Smoking is the kind of addiction that seems easy enough to quit before you start.  I mean, how often do you hear about someone going to Betty Ford for their cigarette addiction?!  Well, truth be told, if you are a smoker and have tried to quit, the nefarious and available drug seems to crop up everywhere.  We don’t walk down the streets to see people snorting cocaine, but there are people smoking everywhere.

Holistic Help To Quit Smoking

The magic book to help you quit!!!

1. Get the book THE EASY WAY by Alan Carr and read it. I had no intention of quitting and bought the book for my mother.  I read it before I mailed it to her.  Somehow, I stopped smoking without trying.  I have heard this from at least 4 other people that I know, and the testimonials speak for themselves.

2. Start drinking Green Smoothies or fresh green juice like shots of wheatgrass.  Slowly start with this too.  You don’t want to detox rapidly and get even more icky feeling… Half an ounce of wheatgrass or a cup of green smoothie may be all you can handle now.  Soon, you will be drinking tons, and craving greens!

3. Try a little aromatherapy, especially baths to help your body detox for the first few weeks. Lavender or sandalwood oil sprinkled in a bath with a cup or two of Epsom salt can work wonders.

4. Replace the “drug high” you got from smokes with mini-execise highs and maybe even little creative visualization breaks during the day…   You’ll be too distracted by creativity to get significant about cigarettes.

Noble & Webster understand the power of a light bulb!

5. At home, get the energy pointing up!  Try adding upward facing lights or brighter bulbs, clean your house, add fresh houseplants (oxygen, positive growth!), and dust well and often.   Make sure your wires are tamed; try to tape down wires with duct tape and shut electronics off when you are not using them.

6. Use green tea to simulate the “high” of nicotine in the mornings, while adding more antioxidants to your intake.  We think cigarettes relax us, but, to the contrary, they are a stimulant.  That crashing feeling after quitting is your body suddenly being dialed down energetically.  A little green tea boost can especially make the first few weeks more smooth sailing.

Good luck & please let me know how it goes!!! xoxo Dana


  1. Michelle

    Hi Dana,

    I am going to give your green smoothie a shot. I know I could use more greens in my life. Thank you for taking the time to write these inspiring blogs!

    Best Regards, Michelle

    • danaclaudat

      Awesome!!! I think you’ll love ’em, the green smoothies are addictive, especially if you get a big glass Ball jar with a twist top so you can lug it around with you during the day & drink over a few hours time… so great!!!


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