5 Clever DIY Projects To Organize Your Home!

Feb 21, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Super clever show box-turned-wire organizer!

Organization is the hallmark of a life without chaos and stress, and there are key items that we can never quite get right.  Wires, office notes, jewelry, toiletries and shoes are the most off-the-charts difficult items to get sorted in the homes (many, many) that I’ve seen.  Here are five Do-It-Yourself projects that you actually CAN DO to get your organizational prowess dialed-in at home right now!

1. Above you see the niftiest little shoebox-turned-wire-tamer.  You can find the instructions from Country Living right here.  The fabulous part of this project is that you can customize it with exotic paper, wrap it in magazines or even printed photos.  Exposed, chaotic wires can exacerbate the chaos in your life and your thoughts, and we all need to keep those things under wraps!

2. Everyone thinks of cork boards and pin boards as the ultimate in office de-cluttering.  However, if your cork board looks like an old office model, you might find it oppressive.  Lets take it in the thoroughly creative direction.  A cork board from wine corks is not only eco-chic, its quite good looking, and a cinch to make.  Young House Love has a wine cork cork board how-to right here that will get you started.

3. The bathroom can quickly fall to mess when you are storing Q-Tips, cotton balls, makeup sponges… even brushes, hair ties, you name it!… and this little Mason Jar hack from Lovely Little Details can solve your storage problem both easily & elegantly.

4. Ladies, you may feel my pain.  I am not sure how it happens, but even in jewelry boxes my necklaces become one big ball fairly quickly.  And… I always forget I have jewelry because its all put away.  End the problem?!  Make a hyper-simple jewelry organizer that can hang behind your bedroom closet door… Just hot glue some wire mesh with large holes to the back of an empty vintage photo frame.  Screw in little hook hangers that you can get at the hardware store… and… le-voila… your stuff is out in the open and in great order!!!

5. Last but not least, shoe racks are usually ugly and rather difficult to display in your home where they could be useful.  This “blue-collar” solution from I New Idea to end shoe clutter actually looks more like modern art than a functional tool.  How amazing— to get pieces of drain pipe pre-cut and rope them together to create any configuration you want.  I mean, that’s ingenuity and ease!

Wishing you many solutions to disorder!  xoxo Dana



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