Feng Shui Home Style Inspired By The Decorista!

Feb 24, 2012 | Home Style

The Decorista finds the best vignettes! Swap out a tired old lamp shade for a sexy, sleek fire color to turn up the wattage of fire energy to create momentum in your life when things get dull! (Image via Little Green Notebook)

For as long as I’ve been blogging I’ve admired Ashlina Kaposta , aka “The Decorisa” ‘s style, and today felt like the perfect day to pull from a few of  The Decorista‘s “Secrets Of Domestic Bliss” to discuss some simple and stylish feng shui fixes for your home. Get ready to be inspired!

Plates your have from your kids, your parents, your family heirlooms or your thrift-store faves can find a new life on a wall.

1. Displaying collections without creating massive clutter is always tricky, and our inherited china never quite sees the light of day as a result!  Putting plates up securely on a wall will allow you to take a trip down memory lane and get more connected to your home, infusing it with personality while creating artful arrangements that defy the expected.

greens, florals, leaves, vines...organic patterns in wallpaper balance kitchens nicely with a unique stamp of your personality!

2. One perfect way to add wood energy to your kitchen to counterbalance the draining water of your sink is with organic-pattern wallpaper in the kitchen.  This fabulous decor element is not just statement-making, its making your feng shui much better!

The Decorista's screen-roundup is divine!

3. Where there is a weird corner , an ugly & non-functioning radiator or anything worth placing in the shade (except clutter, never “hide” junk, dump it!), a screen can create a new sense of architecture and bring the power of art into your home.  You can paint your own shoji screen, pick one up at a flea market or cruise the internet for a good find.  This is a fabulous idea, and it will focus the energy in the room wherever it is placed, so whether it serves as a mock-headboard, a temporary door or anything in between let it be purposeful!

Creative, balanced, beautiful & symmetrical!

4. Let there be symmetry!  While an eclectic arrangement of photos can create a water element feel (which in feng shui means that it feeds the energy of new ideas and flowing thoughts) in a large room, it is very difficult to manage too many unstructured design elements so shoot for symmetry in your design.  While this room is eclectic, it still feels very balanced; that is a big deal to strive for!

A tray is a non-committal way to add more panache, personality and even possibly a tea service, cocktails or collectibles... & then stash them when you are done!

5. Trays are a fabulous way to organize a wet bar, vases of flowers, jewelry, even books to drag out then stow away.  A fresh color can add a pop off life to draw attention to stuff, a mirrored one doubles the energy of whatever is on it… And a Hermes tray… it always works!

Thank you Ashlina for keeping the fabulous flowing! xoxo Dana


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