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Feb 24, 2012 | Creativity

Urs Fischer at Gagosian in Beverly Hills tonight...While I haven't been to many art openings lately, this one is the best people-watching of the year as Elton John breezed past casually...Just a normal day, you know...

Instagramming has rapidly become a part of my language, so I thought I would share a bit of the landscape of my version of Los Angeles… In Instagrammed photos, of course! I rounded up a few photos that give you a glimpse in the actual Tao of this actual Dana and my version of Hollywood…

Lately I have found myself obsessively photographing produce in Wholefoods on Fairfax & Third by the Farmers Market & The Grove. I have to say, this Wholefoods rocks, but the parking situation can be crazy-making!

My morning rituals are set in stone.  The rest is freestyle…

Coffee Bean tea with honey sticks... the move of the early morning!

Kicking it by the pool late in the Hollywood winter is the perfect way to take breaks between blog posts and emails...

More often than not I am trying while stopped at red lights to frame street art and zoom in with Camera + to get the crazy murals while they are fresh.

Buddhist me chants a ton morning & night with Bob in my arms half the time. He's a Buddhist too 🙂

And, of course, I make it a point to seek out Old Hollywood glamour which is just key to my feeling fantastic…

I mean, can you beat lobby's full of vintage crystal and exquisite marble... makes me dream of the days that Marilyn Monroe ran this town.

Have fun Instagramming your stories… and follow me @ thetaoofdana on Instagram & I can start following your story-book lives, too! xoxo Dana


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