Food Shui : Eat For Bliss, Energy, Balance & Power!

Feb 27, 2012 | Food-Shui

Food Shui is a concept so thrilling you are about to get your mind blown!  Imagine a life with greater sensory pleasure, a life where you feel happier, more clear-headed, focused, grounded and…radiantly healthy.  Pretty awesome, right? Imagine taking time to eat your meals, to compose beautiful plates, set a table, try veggies, integrate a few cutting-edge super foods, drink better water, try a little raw, try a bit of gluten free and overall indulge in a life that allows you the luxury of deliciousness without turning your life upside down or spending a fortune.  This, friends, is where Food Shui begins!  Check out my intro video below and lemme know if you’ll take my Food Shui dare of eating totally unprocessed food for just a week to see how it feels. I hope you do (and I bit you’ll dig it!!!) xoxo Dana


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