Creative Visualization With Pink Bubbles!!!

Feb 29, 2012 | Creativity

Pink Lighthouse found on Flickr that rocked my world!

I’ve been really noticing the direct link between color, feeling, thought and intention these days.  Suddenly, my pink glasses are indispensable, I’m getting tired of grey, blue and green. Pink has been on my mind a ton, and I thought it was time to talk about one of Shakti Gawain’s most awesome and effective (in my unhumble opinion!) Creative Visualization techniques…the Pink Bubble! 

Really fast before we dive in, let me say that if you haven’t tried to “visualize” things deliberately and if you haven’t read Creative Visualization, well, it’s pretty awesome stuff.  If you can visualize life growing and flowing well, you have subconsciously helped to set yourself on the right path.  Visualizing can help injuries and illnesses resolve quicker in your body (this is proven!) and can help athletes  to excel and achieve the seemingly impossible.  Yes, its good stuff!

And, considering the fact that we have deep psychological attachment to color, if you can imagine color associated with that which you are envisioning, you add a tremendous amount of power to the mental picture!   (*note: If you have a problem with imagining color, for now, just do it in black & white or however you get the image together!)

The technique itself is pretty simple.

Jeff Koon's Pink Diamond

  1. Lay down or sit up as straight as possible while sill being relaxed and comfortable.  A straight spine apparently helps you relax more and reach a powerful state to start envisioning things.
  2. Relax! My dear friend who is a psychologist suggested counting from 100 to 1… that is a very great way to breathe and get relaxed.
  3. Now, see what you want to have happen in your life.  (*note: Keep it positive and healthy for everyone involved in your vision! Otherwise, you are just generating lots of bad karma!!!) See it clearly, see it happening, the whole thing, as clearly as possible.
  4. Finally, surround that whole vision in a pink bubble.  Pink resonates with your heart and is a color of peace. So, your vision is now floating inside a pink bubble.  See that really clearly.
  5. And, lastly and most importantly, send your vision out into the world by watching the bubble float away with the visualization inside.  Attachments create greed, fixation and all sorts of wacky behavior.  I love this technique because you let the vision go… and what comes back to you is often even more magical than what you sent off into the world in that bubble!!!

Oh, and one last little note.  You reap what you sow.  That’s the law of karma.  So, do good deeds, be grateful and generate a better future daily to help those bubbles come back with bounty!

There you have it… Something to try before bed tonight! xoxo Dana


  1. atziri


  2. Katie

    I am connected to my libraries rent ebooks and audiobooks site and this was on there. I got bored with it after a while but I may just check it out again! thanks for the suggestion!

    • danaclaudat

      It’s not that fun to read, I agree. It’s fun to actually DO 🙂



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