How A Pet Can & Will Make Your Life Better!

Mar 1, 2012 | Pet-Shui


(Bob is really human, but for our purposes today we’ll call him a pet!!!)

There are endless ways pets can significantly make your life better.  Pets are key to survival and thriving.  I can not think of a single living being that would not benefit from a pet, even a hermit crab or a Betta fish!   Chris Rock the Betta fish was the start of it all for me.  I had an insanely high-stress job and I would literally hold Chris Rock’s bowl when I thought I would melt down.  He was a champ.  Another Betta followed… and then, one day, unexpectedly, I saw Bob and took him home.  He has literally saved my life in several very real ways, and started me on my quest to bring you the feng shui of feathers & fur— Pet Shui!!!  

puppy sticking tongue out


1. Pets reduce stress and depression. Yep, the proliferation of emotional support animals and service animals to treat people with depression, anxiety and grief is telling: professional medical science acknowledges the importance of animals in restoring emotional balance and well-being.

2. Elderly people with pets have reportedly 30% fewer trips to the doctor for illnesses. The mind-body connection stays more positive when pets are in the mix.

3. Pets are heart-healthy! Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides are reported by in people who have pets.  (Likely due to the reduction in stress and the increase in happiness!) From the meditative action of a fish swimming in a bowl to the mesmerizing ways that cats play with string, for good reasons, when you are more calm your heart seems to respond kindly!

4. Pets connect you to the essence of nature. Untethered to computers and the material world, animals restore our connection to our own animal nature in a basic way.  Naps, structured eating, wanting to play, appreciating simple things like fresh air and a beam of sunshine… this is all important for them, and for you!!!

smiling puppy


5. Pets bring unstructured motion into your home, which generates good chi or life force!  A fish tank or pond is a thousands-of-years-old feng shui cure to create prosperity.  Dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters add their own brand of motion and great CHI.

6. Pets keep you company. Amazing company.

7. When you nurture a pet, you strengthen the energy of compassion in your life. Compassion and giving in feng shui directly correlate with self-esteem and financial wealth.

8. Ladies & Gentlemen, pets are a great way to meet people, dogs specifically are great for this!!! 90% of the people I know in my neighborhood I met with my puppy.  Bob has introduced me to so many of my newest friends.

9 . Its larger than life how much PURE LOVE animals have in their hearts.  A few minutes of petting, holding or playing with animals can literally fill you with love!  If you want to bring more of this energy into your life, volunteer a few hours a week at your local shelter and watch your heart open up…

10. When you have a pet, you become more accountable for your own bad behavior & bad moods.  Whereas people are less quick to respond to other people asking them to cheer up, get more exercise or relax, when you see the effects of your bad mood reflected on a lovely puppy you are much more likely to get it together!!!  When I am nervous, Bob is nervous, and that is not ok with me…

Whether you get yourself a poodle or a turtle, I hope you seriously contemplate a pet if you are pet less and spend more time with your pet if you have one!  Wishing you lots of Pet Shui! xoxo Dana


  1. cute stuff

    Honestly, great points here. Pets in general make your life happier and they give you something to look forward to. I don’t know how everyone doesn’t have a pet! They’re such good companions!

    • danaclaudat

      Yes they are! Thank you!!!! xoxo Dana

  2. donna

    This is wonderful and soooo true. I be lonesome if it weren’t for my (canine) kids. And they are affected by your moods, thus helping you to get it together when needed!

    • danaclaudat

      For everyone who says “I can’t afford an animal” I say, you can’t afford to not have one! 🙂 xoxo


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