Bedroom Feng Shui : The Three Biggest Love-Busting Mistakes People Make When Creating A Boudoir

Mar 5, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

A nice Kelly Wearstler vignette of the masculine & feminine well-combined.

Feng Shui is a powerful tool in the Love department of your life! No matter where you stand in the world of romance- single, dating, or even happily married for years- it’s very important to have a bedroom that supports and nourishes your romantic relationships.  Carolyn Thomas, architect, feng shui expert with a specialty in romance and author of Change Your Sheets, Change Your Love Life, has interviewed and worked with hundreds of couples and single folks to get their romantic lives on track.  I am super excited that Carolyn offered to share with us the three most common love-busting mistakes that people make when setting up their bedrooms! 

3 Love-busting Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Boudoir Feng Shui for a Lasting Relationship

If you’re longing to find that perfect life partner, these three Feng Shui mistakes are the usual culprits holding you back from the PEAPhysical and Energetic Alignmentwith your desires. Just take a peek into your bedroom and you, too, can transform it into the “Boudoir” that invites a loving relationship to flourish.

Be on the alert and ready to make a change if you have any of the following in your bedroom: 

Ron Slattery's Big Happy Funhouse (check it out, so awesome!) is a treasure-trove of found vintage photographs... yet these, too, of random other people in the room even if they aren't your relatives, should stay outside the bedroom!

1      Pictures of your children 

  • So many of us, especially single parents, surround ourselves with images and objects that are reminders of our love for our children. Another version of this mistake is placing within our bedroom objects from a past relationship or heirlooms handed down from our ancestors. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a “boudoir” is the place where we honor our adult connection to a present or future partner. An object or image of anyone other than your partner is as much an intrusion on your energetic privacy as the actual presence of those persons in your bedroom. Not a good visual during an intimate moment, right?

    "too feminine" bedroom decor is a big no-no! "too masculine" (black walls and metal furniture with sharp lines? lots of leather? ) is also a no-no. Balance is where its at!

2      Too “Girlie” or “Masculine” décor

  • Another major mistake I often notice is the use of predominantly feminine or masculine décor. A profusion of “girlie” pink and flowers, or the rigid blue stripes of a bachelor pad do not a “boudoir” make! Think in terms of sensual colors, fabrics and textures that elicit the romance in both partners. Most especially, all white bedrooms are a big no-no. Who wants to worry about getting things dirty while in the midst of a passionate encounter?

    A bed with one nightstand looks sad and depressing... even if its not yours!

3      One Lonely  Nightstand

  • This is the surest sign that we are not in alignment with the desire to share our life with a partner. Even when we’re already in a live-in relationship. Christina and Jeff were longing to be in a balanced relationship, but the one nightstand in the corner with all of the bedroom gadgets under just one person’s control was energetically stating the opposite. The first step they took in aligning the Feng Shui with their true desires was to purchase a matching set of nightstands. Although each couple or the desire for one is different, in this case the two identical nightstands mirrored their view of the kind of relationship they intended. Now they share control over the bedroom gadgets and have achieved a more balanced union. Sometimes what we think we want on the intellectual level is not in alignment with our emotional level. Once one partner made the leap and connected the two – letting go, and trusting their partner – the PEA in the bedroom helped them to connect to their true desires.

Carolyn Thomas is an architect, feng shui expert and author.  To learn more ways to get your physical and energetic alignment rocking in your bedroom, get yourself a copy of Carolyn’s book Change Your Sheets, Change Your Love Life! You can also find her on Facebook & Twitter to learn more!



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