Mason Jar Ideas That Rock!

Mar 8, 2012 | Creativity

Mason jars are cheap (you can get 12 for 12 dollars!), durable and easy to re-use again and again.  I would be lost in the kitchen without them: everything from dried fruit, nuts and lentils find their way into jars… green smoothies go in jars… soured homemade broths and soups go in jars…  And in the bathroom: my homemade mixes of brown sugar scrub have their jars along with my bath salts, and my  deepest drawers have everything from q-tips to cotton balls sorted by mason jar.  The fun thing about them, beyond their obvious usefulness, is that they feel both modern and antique, a perfect blend of now and yesterday to keep the sense of authenticity in your life without looking too “crafty”… Without further ado, here are my picks for the best of Mason Jars DIY’s based on simplicity and usefulness! 

Vases/ Candleholders with flavor from 100 Layer Cake got me going this afternoon on the “Mason Jar trip”… (the secret is a can of spray paint, no more than $.50 cents a piece to turn jars into glowing decor!)

100 Layer Cake's mason jars are vibrant and luscious!

Then, there are Mason Jars to decorate and entertain for a party or wedding (this would look awesome lining a shelf in a china cabinet without doors) from All For My Wife:

Killer placeholder photos in Mason Jars for a wedding, big party or holiday!

Thriftcore put a bit of chalkboard paint rom the local hardware store on a group of jars to make instant office/ craft organization!  And Etsy has awesome Mason Jar Poured Candles for sale.  If you want to go the full DIY route and pour your own candles, rock on.  THIS how-to will walk you through the process.

Once you get into these Mason jars, the possibilities seem endless!

Two seconds to a piggy bank!

And, of course, I love the idea from Wisebread to punch a hole in a lid and create a simple, solid piggy bank.  You can also plant seeds in these jars… store acrylic paints in these jars for short periods of time… create terrariums… create sand sculptures… make chandeliers…house a collection of seashells… serve cocktails…

Have I convinced you to grab yourself a 12-pack of jars and start making stuff yet? What I do know is that I have managed to convince myself… !  xoxo Dana

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  1. Jen

    I really need some mason jars in my life. I was trying to find one for last-minute gift wrapping. — I had a small knit beanie for a newborn that I was going to roll up inside of a mason jar and decorate it with cute tissue paper and ribbons. It would have been perfect!


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