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Mar 9, 2012 | Home Style

Indoor Pool + Swing In Manhattan

Thought it would be fun for a Friday to bring you a nice handful of homes to dream with! These dreamy homes all have one thing in common- they totally service their owners in amenities and vibe and view. Not all great feng shui, but lovely ideas nevertheless!

Quite the living room.

The Manhattan townhouse above has five stories and a giant indoor pool with a swing.  Personally, I think it is toxic to live with (even a salt pool will breed bacteria, you know?) but its incredible to look at.

Or, what about the classic Hollywood funhouse, aka, the old Spelling Manor, the 56,500 square foot estate that included a bowling alley, doll museum (of course), and a pretty significant screening room amongst other novelties?

Star Island double-blue brilliance!

This hyper-cobalt estate with a mega-pool and adjacent beach, Villa Stella, on Star Island in Florida, gives fresh meaning to the words electric blue.

Oh, the Beyer House is the next level in Malibu living...

And where would I be without John Lautner, the creator of legendary artwork architecture!  Here is my personal favorite, the Beyer House in Malibu.  Living in a masterpiece artwork is something surreal…

Lautner's Beyer House brilliance.

And, hold on to your hats, kids… this 45,000,000 TriBeca home (well, 5 stories, so more of a “building”) that I found on Sous Style (purveyor of real estate porn amongst other delightful foodie/stylish luxe goodies!) has… you know… just a private full-sized basket ball court and stuff… no big deal…

TriBeca monster-sized home, just so big!!!

The gaming area in this home is bigger than most lofts in Nolita.

Yeah, just in case you want to play a little ball without leaving home....

Daydreaming is totally productive!  xoxo Dana


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