What To Do When Life Blows Up On You?!?

Mar 12, 2012 | Creativity

let better things fall together

None of us like to lose anything, but, not everything is meant to be forever.

While we can control many things in this world, some things are bigger than we are… and the only real control we have is the way we react to things getting stirred up.

In 2011 I can safely say the world as I knew it totally exploded.

In it’s place, a huge new world of possibility unfolded in an incredible way.

In the lapse between the two, a lot of faith was cultivated.

Here are a bunch of very doable feng shui inspired goodies to try when things seem to be exploding a bit in your life to keep you firmly rooted in the truth that great things are falling together for you!

1. Stay calm and remind yourself that you will be better for going through whatever it is you are going through.

That’s the most ridiculous thing to say, but I’m telling you, start saying it right now.  “I am coming out of this a better person.” Over and over.  Even if you don’t believe it yet, soon you will.

berries baskets

2. Create a nourishing environment.  Fill your refrigerator, fill your cupboards, get plants if you are so inclined.  Abundance in food will keep your feet more firmly planted on the ground.  If you can cook, all the better!  Cooking mindfully has gotten me through the hardest time in my life.  It’s also extremely creative to cook, so try and hit the kitchen.

3. Strong lines, strong statements and strong furniture = stronger you.  Emphasize the vertical in your home.  One great upward-facing light, one awesome vertical piece of artwork, a tall indoor tree, solid furniture… All make you taller, more confident, more upward-pointed physically… and mentally.

4. Pull together a little mastermind group.  You might not know all the people you need to get out of whatever problem you find yourself in right this second, but if you brainstorm it you will find them.  I have a business “Yoda” group of people I can rely on, a motivational group of “Yodas”, a health group of “Yodas”, an art group of “Yodas”… You pull together these groups of experts (even if you don’t know them, even if you are just reading blogs or books) as you need them and take what you can from them. In all pragmatic matters, teamwork does help synergize solutions.

5. Get rid of all your unfinished projects.  If you aren’t going to fish something you are working on, donate it or gift it to someone else.  Do not let unfinished projects linger.  Make a list and check them off one by one, even if they take a while.

feng shui elements
6. Know that it’s all temporary.  Elemental cycles flow with nature; nothing was meant to be one way forever.  The trick is to be present during the storms so that you can get back out into life once it’s all clear.  A fountain or a fish in a bowl- or baths and rest-  can be ultimately awesome for this contemplative, introspective and emotional time as you regain momentum and reach toward the active wood energy (creativity, prosperity, activity) that comes next!

The only thing I know for sure is that your mind has a way of getting what it focuses on, so focus on excellent outcomes all-round!

xoxo Dana



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