Flowers Blooming This Spring & Their Symbolic Meaning!

Mar 13, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Saipua are the, the, the most beautiful flow arrangements on Earth!

Spring brings flowers and flowers bring a world of interest to your home, office and the landscape around you.  I urge you- gentlemen especially- to revisit the art of flower surprise gifts, especially this Spring!  Spring flowers are not only beautiful, they are invested with a ton of mythological and culturally symbolic importance.  You aren’t just giving a gift of flowers with a bouquet, you are sending a powerful messages and memories.

Anemone from Little Flower School (my fave flower school!)

Anemone. This flower in modern times is thought to represent “expectation” or “anticipation.”  I can think of a few great reasons to load up a vase full of anemone!  Also, historically anemone were thought to ward off illness.  There is a huge amount of mythological and historical lore about this powerfully distinct flower, from the notion that it grew under Jesus’s cross where he hung, crucified, to the idea that the air surrounding the anemone was so powerful it was dangerous to inhale.  Needless to say, its a powerful flower.

Dahlias from Southern Living. I think they are most intense in "black" deep purple...!

Dahlias: A flower of great distinction whose tubers were used to make an early form of insulin for diabetics, the dahlia is now symbolic based on both its form and color of several things.  According to School of The Seasons, yellow dahlia are a way to say, “I am happy you love me” and multicolored dahlia are a way to say, “I think of you constantly.”  Single shades of dahlia are indicative of good taste aesthetically.  I am mesmerized by their geometry!

Gerber Daisies are solid but still radiantly feminine, too!

Gerberas: Sunny gerberas are a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty.  Here, colors can also have their elemental meanings in a feng shui sense, with yellows being more cheerful and grounding, reds more passionate and energizing, pink calming and lovely, orange full of robust health and white for the more exacting minds.

Pink Peonies from Hollen Zoo.

Peonys: Oh how I love peonys!!!  They are symbolic of wealth, good fortune in marriage, royal grandeur and all things powerfully romantic.  When they come in season in May, load up your living room with peonies for their universal unifying power!

Tulips are surprisingly filled with meaning!

Tulips: Last but not least of my favorite, popular Spring flowers is the tulip.  In its essence, this flower symbolizes the perfection of  love.  Again, the colors can track with the symbolism of feng shui, with red being the more romantic, yellow the more friendly and sunny, and, interestingly enough, multi-colored tulips are a way, according to ProFlowers, of expressing “the beauty of ones eyes.”

All that said, why stick to just a dozen roses when the world is full of blooming poetry at the florist in the coming month!?!  xoxo Dana



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