Saying Yes & Why You Should Try It More, Starting Right Now!

Mar 14, 2012 | Prosperity

Shephard Fairey's Afternoons, Say Yes

Yes.  That’s a key word.  Decisive, affirmative, active, excited and ready.  What would happen if you said YES instead of MAYBE? What would happen if you said YES rather than…WE’LL SEE, or I DON’T KNOW…? There is power in saying YES and your environment & your life will thank you for it! Here are a few important reasons why saying YES will make your whole life move in a bigger, bolder way…To open up to the idea of why saying YES is so powerful, I’m bringing back the Abraham Maslow’s pyramid to show you where saying YES fits in to the big-picture of living your dream life.

Check it out: to get higher than your basic life needs, you need to embrace Belongingness & Love.  If you aren’t willing to take risks and say YES to parties, dinners, social events, dates, people… even just once… you won’t be connecting to your life in this area.  Its one thing to socialize via the Internet,  but realize that this is not real connection, no matter how much we’d like to think it is as we text and message through the day.  Say YES to personal engagement, even if its nothing you would think of doing and see what happens to your energy.

Saying YES when you have to be vulnerable has been proven to change lives!  (This is one that might take practice… I know I need to practice it more & more!) The TED Talk above from Brene Brown may be a bit long, but if you have trouble being truly vulnerable (its not the easiest thing to do, especially when it feels like a risk…) its an incredible investment of your time!

This Ed Ruscha painting is the epitome of how we spin ourselves in circles in trying to commit to an action. If you feel its right.. say YES!

Saying YES to your personal empowerment will create perspective-shift that can make the biggest difference in the world!  Every component of life that can get out of whack: health, how you eat, how you talk to yourself, how you view challenges, how you love, how you exercise, how you dream requires a constant YES to stay on track or get on track.  “I’m going to try…” is not the same as, “YES, I am doing this…”

While this living room from Freshhome is less than ideal in a feng shui sense since the wall seems so too small for the space, lets just say the boldness of color and definitive style here makes up for much of what is lacking!

YES and your environment.  In the realm of your home / office feng shui, saying YES to your life and means allowing yourself to fix the things that are broken and change the things that make you feel bad.  Painting a room, buying a piece of art or furniture, being frivolous even in indulging in what you love around you is all part of the YES-saying equation.  For a lot of my clients, once they understand the power of their home to influence their lives they are more willing to say YES to fixing things and investing in how cool their space can be.  That’s well on the road to living much larger!  Affirmative spaces have:  a clear sense of welcome, engaging visual goodies, great textures, lots of living “shining” energy, great light and a sense of solid power.

So, next time you truly want to make a change in some area of your life, see what happens if you are willing to stay open and say YES before that “maybe…” takes hold.  Maybe is a dangerous word.  I’ve said it recently- maybe- and I’ve regretted it.  I should have said YES. And, next time, I will!  Have an awesome day! xoxo Dana


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