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Mar 14, 2012 | Home Style

Fire, texture, shine, art and super-excellent taste are all so sexy.

Love, love, love is all around me!  And that’s what so many of my feng shui clients want to manifest in their lives: love… and sex.  Love and sex are also what your house probably lacks!!! There are a few main tactile/visual ways I like to sex-up peoples homes that are looking to get their love life flowing, so I thought today was the perfect day for a little sexy decor inspiration! 

Try some velvet...even paintings on velvet will work, but this sofa is a great inspiration for all things velvety:

A velvety sofa invites you to sit and feel its touch. What a crazy-amazing way to add sex appeal to a room without fire colors...!

Faux fur throws are uber-powerful in arousing both fire and feeling:

A faux fur throw can make even the simplest bedroom something instantly magical. You can carry it to the living room or library and have similar fireworks of plush gorgeous.

Silk can’t be beat when it comes to utterly lovely, slippery, shining fabric that is also natural.  This headboard is a more unique way to use silk (But, oh how I love silk pillow cases, too!!!) :

This silk headboard takes the room up about 30 notches. A bit of silk radiance goes a long way. You might not way to try a set of silk sheets, but why not some silk pillows?

Emphasize unique, alluring shapes like this room abounding with very tactile, colorful “globe” shapes:

The repetition of shapes and smooth lines kinda puts you in an attractive trance, doesn't it?

And, of course, don’t be afraid to be a little overtly sexy where appropriate, like this dreamy vignette:

There's nothing wrong with making a very forthright statement from time to time, just remember that the art you put on your walls will either be comfortable or uncomfortable for others... so keep it PG13, or, for most of us, best to keep it in more private spaces!

Enjoy… a lot! xoxo Dana



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