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Mar 15, 2012 | Life With Art

I am mildly obsessed with the subject of wishes…! Wishes are most powerful when they are actively made concrete, be it by sprawling them on paper, drawing them out or “making” them somehow more visible. Many of us have made wishes by throwing change in a fountain, or made a list of wishes at some point, even just scrawled on a piece of paper. That’s the idea behind the ‘vision board’: you take pictures of what you dream to have and group them together into a picture of your dream life.  That said, here are a few artist interpretations of group wishing and creating a new vision of a peaceful, prosperous world.

A Yoko Ono Wish Tree in Washington, DC from Healing Landscapes


The Yoko Ono Wish Tree is the iconic example of group wishing. Wherever there is a Yoko Ono tree, there are slips of paper where guests write their wishes and tie them to a branch.  Yoko Ono collects all of the wishes when the “piece is done” in an area.  Currently well over one million wishes have been tied to her trees!  All of the wishes collected are being stored in the Imagine Peace Tower that Yoko constructed in Iceland as a tribute to John Lennon’s wish for world peace.  Also, Ono provides instructions on her Imagine Peace Tower website for creating your own local wish tree.  Yes, I am definitely making one…And you should, too!

Rivane Neuenschwander’s “I Wish Your Wish” is a killer interactive artwork where about 60 different wishes submitted from viewers of this artwork are printed onto colorful ribbons and tied into thousands of holes on the walls.  People are invited to submit their new wishes &/or take a ribbon wish away from the wall with them as they walk through its installation room.

A wall of wishes on ribbon...!

Rivane Neuenschwander's wishes up close...

(Rivane Neuenschwander’s wishes up close…)

Chrysanne Stathacos created “The Wish Machine” in the late 90’s:

The Wish Machine by Chrysanne Stathacos, NYC, 1997

(The Wish Machine by Chrysanne Stathacos, NYC, 1997)

This “reformulated vending machine” (which is trademarked, by the way!) is wrapped in an image of a Wishing Tree in India and it dispenses both images of the wishing tree in india along with essential oils (!!! any idea how much I love this!!!) based on the core desire backing your wish.

According to Chrysanne’s website: ” The wishes invoke a range of basic human desires, basil=money, clove=lust, jasmine=peace, lily=sleep, love=rose mint=communication, lavender=happiness, and eucalyptus=health, basil for money, clove for lust, eucalyptus for health, jasmin for peace, lavender for happiness, sandalwood for hope, cardamom for fame, and rosemary for home , The essential oils are the vehicle for the participant to meditate on their wish. Since the act of wishing often pinpoints one’s desire for change; The Wish Machine has transformed busy public areas into spaces of reflection.

wish jar

(not your average ordinary)

Well, are you ready to do some wishing? If you are not ready to go public, try writing down a few wishes and storing them in your favorite book on your bookshelf or starting a little mason jar filled with wishes, or a drawer full of post-it wishes… Just don’t stop wishing!  Even the most fantastical wishes that have no basis in reality can do amazing things to move your actual reality forward! xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!



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  1. chrysanne

    Hi Dana

    A lovely article

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    • danaclaudat

      my pleasure -you are a genius! xoxo Dana

  2. Elisabeth

    This post inspired me to walk our property in search of the perfect wishing tree, and we have several possible candidates! 🙂 I’ll have to add this to my annual Starpolish™ parties, i.e., gatherings for the purpose of spiritual introspection and exercising one’s intuition. Wishes have been a part of Starpolish on several occasions (in the form of fun charms with herbs and gemstones), but an actual TREE ~ I’m drooling at the thought! Love it!



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