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Mar 16, 2012 | Creativity

Being unmotivated or uninspired can often lead to the sinking feeling of being depressed and defeated if you aren’t able to keep the creative energy flowing in your life.

If you think that you are a science person or you can’t really draw so this doesn’t pertain to you, think a bit broader.

Profesional Artists are not the only people whose lives depend upon creative juju to live and thrive.  

Creativity is everything in life- working, playing, loving, achieving, eating, sleeping…all of it!… and when you’re lacking creative fuel your life tends to get more rocky, spotty or just plain uninspired.

Here are a few killer feng shui ways to bust out of a creative slump and keep the flow going!

While there are long-term habits that can help keep you much more creatively in tune – long walks, yoga, awesome diet, art classes, selective life coaching (beware the wackadoos!), a spiritual practice or even (and especially) pets- in the short term you need to have a little arsenal of stuff to try to get yourself back on track when you are blank-minded and the bad thoughts (“I suck…I’m getting nowhere… I’m screwed… I am tired… I need to quit…) start creeping in.

Some awesome short-term  “feng shui-style” creativity tricks: 

1. Move 27 things around whatever room you are in right now. Anything, just move them.

2. Grab a piece of paper and doodle while you are rolling calls, staring out into space or sitting on the sofa waiting for the phone to ring (waiting is not a good thing, you need more CREATIVE WOOD ENERGY!!!)

3. Order yourself a few art books.  Even just one, really dreamy one.  Home decor, art, photography- you can get great deals on Amazon and you have purchased yourself something that you can grab and flip through when the bad thoughts come on… In the interim, go get yourself a magazine.  This is instant image fulfillment and something you can even rip apart (exciting, active) to harvest the pieces you want to hold onto.

4. Turn on more lights for a bit. If there are no more lights to turn on, move your lights.  If you can’t move your lights, create more light by opening windows, stepping outside or even clearing off your desk (clean space is brighter!)

5. Make a date.  If you are a woman and making dates with guys is not your style, make friend dates.  Make one with someone you truly want to see.  Connection and anticipation create more momentum.

6. Bookmark a few inspirational blogs.  They don’t have to be traditionally inspirational.  Fantasy football and cooking blogs are jet as uplifting as, say, this blog (!) but you have to get attached to something that makes you see life differently or fuels your day in a new way. Avoid gossip blogs like the plague in this instance, as scandal and bad news should not be your motivation 🙂

7. You Tube was made for these times! If you can watch a three minute video- even about alien invasion, I am open to all things- you will have both something to think about, react to, or talk about that doesn’t involve your to-do list that is now, finally about to get done!

Longer term: try adding more color and plants to your space, creating a sense of rhythm and vibrancy.  Keep a pitcher or bottle of water nearby.  A desktop fountain can be miraculous.

Indulge your passions, even if they are relegated to a evenings or weekend days. All will keep the flow going.

And… to really immerse yourself in the light so much more right now is HERE for you in the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox! 




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  1. Tommy

    Great read. I find myself creatively staggered often of late, so i tried your little tips. So far so good. But i think i just threw my back out moving the furniture around the room the second i read number one. Thanks, for the inspiration ( Book Marked)



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