Delicious Design: Melon Hues & Your Feng Shui

Mar 17, 2012 | Home Style

Watermelon is the star for Kelly Wearstler in this home office. You may not have noticed, but she uses melon tones constantly; its one of her signature moves!

Melon is the fresh, juicy harbinger of sunny seasons and good moods.  As I sit and contemplate my personal feng shui revolution at home called “painting the walls” I thought I would bring you some awesome melon hues to contemplate in your own space change. And, in the process, I’ll give you some feng shui tricks to use when choosing wall colors that can help you to make the changes you need to make…!

Canary melon is very light, with nearly white flesh tinted yellow.  At the height of the season it is a glowing yellow and a bit sweeter than the average melon, almost sugary.  For walls, use this yellow to add lightness and freshness to darker or more social areas of a home that are overall more active- hallways, foyers, home offices- and yet not places to settle in for long periods of time to refresh and recharge (this yellow can seem sour rather than hypnotic over long periods of time, like in libraries, bathrooms or bedrooms):

A fabulous, casual living room in a home benefits from these tinted walls.

I prefer to avoid yellow in bedrooms, but I truly love this tone of canary melon so wanted to share it!

Honeydew is a great color for creative spaces, spaces that could use the creative freshness of wood or the flexible energy of Spring green year-round.  I would select this carefully for a bedroom, but in general I like this tone for generating a natural energy in homes poorly suited for a ton of plants and in need of some active vibes!

Apartment Therapy featured this exciting way to add stripes to a room to enhance the vertical lines (empowering)without creating a brutal "jail-like feeling" by alternating gloss and matte finish of the same color in a room!

A bit more subtle yet impactful, this honeydew wall does its job without being too rich and competing with the social activities & food in the dining area.

While watermelon seems the most universally appealing, in high saturation it should be used in areas that are very bright or extremely well lit to enhance the sense of fire or romance in the space, creating a unique flavor of sweetness yet strength.

Sweet but not too overtly girly, can you feel the open-hearted fire in this color. (mind you, this needs to be a bit better curated, too cluttery for my taste!)

Can you feel the power in this color, and can you see why you need a ton of light on this to make it work (this space is too dark to really pull off the watermelon pop completely!)

Oh how I adore cantaloupe in every single way, but this is the color most difficult, I have found, to select properly.  One false move and your home will look like a cheap hotel or a nursing home in Florida.  When going for the healthy, cheerful, life-affirming glow of cantaloupe, please try some samples first to really understand the impact of the shade you select.  We tend to be instantly drawn to the more light and clear of cantaloupe shades, but those play the worst on walls in their “grandma-esque” effect!  Be bold here, think more orange than yellowish peach, and you will succeed! My favorites…

Fresh, modern and delicious... more cantaloupe than dreaded "peach beige"!!!

Bold, beautiful, ripe cantaloupe has a powerful punch without too much saturation that will be both warm and light at the same time!

Ready to get some paint samples?  I am!!! With a little paint you can thoroughly transform both the visual excitement and feng shui potential of a space in a day or a few…and that is amazing!!!  xoxo Dana


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