7 Inspirational & Creative Blogs Well-Worth A Look!

Mar 19, 2012 | Creativity

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People ask me a lot where I get my own inspiration.  The honest answer in this order is: my Buddhist practice, my brilliant artist friends, cooking, my journal, seeing fabulous art and… other people’s musings on creativity!  It may seem funny to you that I write all day about all things design & inspirational and I am writing about other blogs today, but without these guys I would not know where to reach for my own creative inspiration when I am staring blank-minded at a screensaver of my dog in sunglasses.  Here are a handful of the blogs filled with creativity and inspiration that get me excited in a multitude of ways.  Get ready to start bookmarking!

There are so many I could include on this list, I am sure in months to come I will roll out many more, but these are my 7 favorites in the realm of inspiration & what I am reading these days:

Mind Body Green– I don’t want to appear biased since I contribute to this massive hub of all things wellness, yoga and just plain inspirational, but there is NO WAY I could say that I have given you the best in inspiration without including the best!

Seven Sentences– this is a new one to my list, and a fun one because each seven sentence post by Geoff Talbot is as well-thought-out as a Haiku and equally easy to assimilate.

Off Our Chests– if you are looking for a way to express yourself and how you feel about you you are told you are supposed to think, act, look and feel about yourself in this modern world of high-pressure perfection, you have found a new home here!

Steve Pavlina– classic self-help gone the way of practical, this is a wordy blog, for sure, but there are very cool concepts to try out, especially if you are in a period of “reinventing” your career and need actual strategy.  Lots of cool things to think about.

Zen Habits– lots of goodies on the easy-to-read side to give you something to think with when it comes to gratitude, etc.  I am not a fan of the idea of Zen in its connotation to Zen Buddhism which is something I truly don’t endorse, but, then again, I am The Tao f Dana and Taoism is also something I truly don’t endorse either!  I am about the practical, and this blog is practical!

Lifehacker- just as it says, its about hacks for life and making things a bit easier.  I checkin when I am looking for a little how-to juju in my life!

The Happiness Project– its that simple, its all about finding ways to be happy. And since its based on a best-selling book of the same title, its got legs.

I have other lists for food, art, photography, fashion, beauty, DIY, interiors…oh the blogs I read!… but these are some core cool check-ins I do daily in case you wanted to look inside my brain and see what I see on the days when I need to be creatively un-stuck!

xoxo Dana

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