Chevron Art DIY Projects To Light Up Your Life With Fire!

Mar 19, 2012 | Home Style

Third Floor Design Studio's glamorously simple chevron DIY wall art has inspired my next moves in the home! So easy and so customizable!

Chevron is the name for the zig-zag pattern that is both energizing and visually motivating.  In feng shui terms, chevron adds the element of FIRE (active, catalytic, change-provoking) to a room without necessarily adding FIRE COLORS (reds, oranges, neons or purple) to a space.  While chevron comes in and out of fashion as a “hot design” element, it is actually a classic, and its easy to incorporate to take the energy up a notch or ten in a blah space.  Today I pulled together a few of the more  brilliant chevron DIY projects that can get your feng shui motivating fire element flowing with ease! 

A close-up of the chevron art from Third Floor Design Studio.

The DIY art project featured above is from Third Floor Design Studio, and detailed instructions are right HERE.  You can literally customize everything from the size to the colors to make this your own artistic statement.  My years of art world immersion have taught me one thing: bigger is almost always better! So if you want to make an impact in a room, get the biggest canvas you can find and start taping and painting!

Design*Sponge has absolutely thrilled me with this "Friendship Bracelet" style DIY chair cushion. A vintage chair can find a fresh, comfy new life!

If you are loaded up with vintage wood chairs in your home, you can modernize and energize them with THIS Design*Sponge DIY Chair Cover that is woven just like a friendship bracelet.  Its totally easy yet looks very complex and rich.

Decor Hacks incredible hook racks can add fire to an entranceway with interesting style.

The craftier amongst you who are ambitious and want to maximize the utility of an entranceway can try this lovely DIY coat rack from Decor Hacks.  You can even make a smaller version for the inside of your closet to hang scarves and/or necklaces!

The Tall Chick blog does a mean chevron wall DIY that might be exceptionally ambitious for my living room... but its very tempting!

Oh how I love this very subtle yet astonishingly poignant chevron wall from The Tall Chick, will full instructions right HERE.  There are very few things as impressive and yet inexpensive and simple as a custom-painted wall.  Given that this really takes over a space, I would use a color combination that is equally subtle, so that your attention isn’t hyper-fixed on the pattern but its effects are resounding!

This IKEA hack rug re-mixed with paint from Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill is an incredible way to create a fresh custom look, simply.

J’adore soooo much a good Ikea hack, and here an IKEA rug gets glamorized by a DIY paint job at Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill.  I would use this for a less high-traffic area that needs a lift, and poignant contrasting colors work well for smaller objects so dive into color with this one!

Too sweet!!! I had to end with this fabulous DIY Chevron Holga camera from A Beautiful Mess which would be just the PERFECT gift for your favorite blogger ...(hint-hint)

And, how could I leave you without this outstandingly clever DIY Chevron Holga camera from A Beautiful Mess.  Talk about inspiration to go outside and start taking photos.

Enjoy! xoxo Dana


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