Natural Love Potions To Open Your Heart!

Mar 19, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Essential oils are extremely powerful, concentrated energy and mind/body stimulating stuff.  I feel that essential oils are the closest things we have to actual “potions” in a magical sense, and they are used widely in medicine in Europe (America, we need to catch up!) to treat imbalances and illnesses.  Since LOVE and one’s HEART are so closely related, I thought it would be fun to give you a few heart-opening & balancing essential oils to try if you are getting over a loss, a break-up or just a long period of dating the wrong people that has made you cynical and closed your heart!

First of all, the “love zone” of energy on your body is considered to be the area of your chest near your heart, based in the center of your chest at about heart-level.  In your home, the “love zone” is the far right corner from the entranceway to each room or your overall home.  If you want to be crafty and doubly-empowered, you can use the same essential oils both on your body & in the home to make these subtle, powerful energy switches!

On your body: one or two drops of a chosen essential oil once a day on your heart zone (known as a CHAKRA in some camps!), massaged in (a counter-clockwise motion is often recommended) can get your heart energy open!

In your home: a drop or two of a chosen oil in the “relationship area” of your home (I like to mix with water to make a little room spray) can reinforce the fragrant goodness in your environment.  Also, you can easily get candles (2 is a good number, pairs are great for love!) in the essential oil fragrance you are working with and light them for a bit every day!

Now, lets pick your love oil: 

Rose is my personal favorite, rose otto or rose absolute work excellently and smell fantastic.  This is great for grief as well.  It balances the heart.

Sandalwood is fabulous for men, as it is non-girly in scent and both grounds your energy and opens up your loving receptivity.

Neroli opens up your heart in a creative, inspired, beautiful fashion.  It is derived from a bitter orange tree blossom and has been used to “divinely inspire.”  If you consider yourself jaded or having lost hope or passion for love, this is a good one to try!

Ylang Ylang is a very potently scented oil that can help you recover from a bitter relationship split and also keep your sexual juju flowing!  A drop is all you need!

Patchouli, believe it our not, is thought to be an aphrodisiac.  I would say two things here: use a very high quality oil and use t very sparingly.  This is a good one to mix with rose, vanilla and other oils to tone down its very strong “hippie” scent-vibe!

Get yourself some therapeutic-grade essential oils, test a drop on your wrist first to see how you react… and get the love flowing! After all, Spring is in the air! xoxo Dana

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