Feng Shui Interior Design Done Right In Coco + Kelley’s Room Of The Week

Mar 20, 2012 | Home Style

Crazy-awesome sense of gravity prevails here thanks to a giant, dreamy light fixture that sucks you into the room. Checkered rugs and naturally textured walls keep the conversation and energy vibrant and interesting.

Cassandra Lavalle of Coco + Kelley has an exceptional eye for splashy interiors that work in my world of feng shui glamour.  I got lost in the archives of her Room Of The Week posts and thought I would bring you my best of feng shui in the midst of gorgeous design.  Get ready to get seriously inspired!

This dining room is my perfect powered pink shade for calm casual dining with friends and family. The knotted table base keeps the ethereal table very grounded and the chandelier, though running the risk of being hazardous in its twisted branches, rights itself in to be simply exciting. What a vibrant space!

Talk about personal style, a radiant color palette that is balanced and, yes, a cool way to make windows work with linen and blinds together! This is a verist casual and elegant room all at once. The feng shui lesson here- don't leave your personality out of your main living room, and strive to make it as ingenious, simple or outrageous as you can be!

Lots of fire colors (the reds and lavenders) cut the intense wood energy of a wall of books and create the excitement and welcome this room exudes... Ah, yes, and the plush ottoman is key to creating a casual space- it is grounding but yet approachable and has no sharp points that could inhibit open seating. I want to read here!

This room is a perfect example of versatility-- its elemental warmth and glow radiates from the textiles on walls and table, and those can be altered depending on the needs of the space. Orange, though, its very versatile, very on-trend and very profound in its health-imbuing nature. Now, do you see why its worth investing in curtains?!

Finally, a few words of custom furniture and drapes. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! If you can find a way to get custom window treatments (or make them) you have immediately taken your home to a higher level. You can even start with pillows, simple stitches your local tailor can sew for you very easily. Same with easy drapes. A big panel or two of fabric can be hemmed like pants into curtain panels really simply. If you are in a relatively generic space, window treatments or custom fabric can help you get more personally connected to your home, which is hugely feng shui important!

Exciting food for decor thought!  Just knowing WHAT you respond to in any of these dreamy spaces- color, texture, design, utility, art, light, etc- can help you to improve your home in major ways! xoxo Dana



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