An Interior Design Book Must-Have From Kishani Perera

Mar 22, 2012 | Home Style

instagram of kishana perers vintage remix

I just got my hands on a glamour-packed copy of interior designer Kishani Perera‘s new book “Vintage Remix” and I am swooning.  Not only is it brimming with truly engaging interiors, perfectly styled and photographed, but its a sly little how-to-design-your house manual in the reading.  Pick your personal style, then start hunting the markets (and cupboards and attics) for treasures!  I Instagrammed a few pages so that it would be my interpretation & not photo-robbery…I just had to share! Click through & see the re-mixed magic!

Kishani Perera Interiors

I love the warm orange walls, the special lamp and that mirror that can inspire your next unforgettable DIY project!

Kishani Perera Interior

Yes, with art, bigger is always bigger and usually better!!!

Kishani Perera Book

Ok, this is a less than perfect Instagram, but are you getting the sense of creating vignettes and yet keeping things clean and fresh?!

Kishani Perera design

Yes! Now this is special!!!  I am relatively thrilled to pull out a few evocative family heirlooms now!


While “Vintage Remix: The Interiors of Kishani Perera” by Kishani Perera & Elizabeth Roehrig is officially released on April 14, you can grab your copy HERE on Amazon.  Molly Sims wrote the Introduction and my favorite actor Gary Oldman wrote the Forward so it is especially cool to actually read from cover-to-cover rather than just flip through for picture-pleasure alone; it will teach you tons!

& For more of my wacky days on Instagram you can find me @ thetaoofdana …!

Enjoy! xoxo Dana


  1. kishani

    thanks for the great write up dana!!!

    • danaclaudat

      Kishani I’m honored- your book is a bright light & you are interior magic!


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